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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Round 4: Corcoran

Round 4: Corcoran

Last Visit: The last visit found Bob and Corky's oldest daughter Chardé crying because her mom was smooching with somebody that was not her dad, that being Corky's husband, Holden Todd. If you all do or do not remember, Corky is having three of Bob Profitt's children so Bob's mother Susan could realize her LTW of 6 granchildren. The third girl child of Bob Profitt was born to Corky last round, a little one named Charissa. So Bob had Chardé, Chyla, and Charissa with Corky. Hmmm. Last round we talked about what a great dad Holden Todd is...and how sad it is that Bob always seemed to get to Corky's empty womb before he did. I have heard from many of you that Holden really needed to get his swimmers in shape to get Corky pregnant. Heh. Alrighty then.

Carrying on as usual in his Dad mode, Holden helps Bob's youngest daughter Charissa grow up. She really is a cutie.

Awwww! She grew up into one of the new Holiday Pack suits for toddlers. She's got that cute upturned nose of Corky's.

Now there really isn't much that went on around this house. Gad. Lots of growing up and stuff. I will try to get everything in order.

Yes, Corky, you just did have woo-hoo, and YES.....Holden's swimmers made it to their goal. Corky is pregnant with Holden's kid.

Holden looks so natural, peek-a-booing with Corky's tummy. There is something about Corky. She just never seems very friendly to me, and doesn't roll all the wants a Family Sim typically rolls. Never wants to interact with her kids and such. Always wants to go downtown. I think she is a Pleasure Sim and a Family Sim's body. She never really looks happy either. The only time she rolled family type wants is when she rolled a baby icon after Charissa grew to toddler. By then, her belly was about to pop anyway.

Meanwhile, Chyla invited Noodle the elderly cat in for a visit.

This is the same day Bates Busto came home on the bus with her. Hmmm?? A possible match? Noodle spent some time with the kids watching TV.

And sitting on the kitchen counter whilst Chyla did her homework. He didn't come around again. It seems like I can never get the animals to come by more than once or twice so anyone can get friendly enough with them to adopt them. By the time I get back around to these houses for round 5, I will have forgotten all about which animals the family is trying to befriend.

The strangest thing. Chyla got called downtown for an Outing by the Townie Vampire (the same one James Jenkins danced with), I am like WHAT!!!! So I grinned and let the outing commence. Step-Daddy Holden got behind the wheel to drive.

Look who all came to the outing. I am looking at Marsha Bruenig. LOLOL There is the Townie Vampire playing red hands with Chyla. I wonder if this is a match?

He seems to really like talking to her and stuff. They get along really well. The outing didn't last very long 'cuz Chyla got tired really fast. I guess poker places aren't a good place to go for growing girls.

Chyla Corcoran
Aspiration: Romance
LTW: To Have 20 Simulatneous Loves

Oh well. Anyway. Back at the house, Chyla had her birthday to teen the next day. No more outings as a kid. Andrew Profitt happened to be walking by the house right about that time and cmae running in to see Chyla grow up. Heh. I don't know if he even knows these people. They didn't seem to mind him being there though.

Cristian Cooprider was a frequent walker by the house. So I figgered he must be cruisin' by there for a reason. I sent Chyla out to talk to him.

They got along great. I am keeping lots of notes. This is another possible match for her. Him or the Townie Vampire dude.

Charissa grows up....

But not before Holden's daughter Ciaro is born. At least Corky had her in the house in the bedroom, and not out in the yard or something.

Awww. Holden lost his job. His LTW is to be Chief of Staff. I wonder if he will ever make it. Things just don't seem to go his way.

It is finally time for little Ciaro to grow up. But alas....she didn't grow up until sometime during the night. At least Corky tried to do something mom-like here and help her daughter have a birthday party.

Big sister Chyla helps Ciaro grow up in the middle of the night. hair? *quickly types in the SimDNA cheat for Holden* Gah....Holden is a red head with dyed hair blonde. His recessive is also red. Heh. Keep that in mind. That fortune townie guy with the big nose and blonde hair is really a redhead. lol Poor child Ciaro...looks like she's got some of her daddy's big nose.

Ermmm...that's it for the Corcoran's for this round, and that is it for baby makin' for Corky. She will turn elder next round. Buh-Bye!

POINTS this round: 1 new sim: Ciaro


Blogger PRMami said...

What a surprise about Holden dye job hehehehe

At least Holden's swimmers got to Corky before Bob this time around lol

Awww Charissa and her holiday outfit it's cute.

I have Corky as a townie in my opulent Bay hood and so far she's not made any impressions on the guys she meets, but at least she's acting maternal with Ciaro

Too bad about Holdens job maybe he can figure it out before it's too late for him :(

Chyla is a cutie with her teen look

Nice and sweet update :D

10:00 PM  
Blogger Bubbs said...

Holden gets to have a kid??? NO!!! He does NOT deserve a kid!!! I thix you need to put Xuan in this hood so he can have a baby here!!!

Shyla was called downtown? HAHAHA! That looked like fun, did step daddy Holden stay to keep an eye on her??

Red hair?? Makes note to self about hair....

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Heather/Simaholic said...

Oh that red hair was a surprise. Poor thing getting her father's nose though :( Chyla is just beautiful. Will she end up with the townie-vampire I wonder?

5:16 PM  
Blogger ruby said...

What a lovely surprise, a red head!
Chyla is adorable, I think with her being a romance, it looks like she may not have to choose.. she can have them both! *g*

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A red head is a surprise I can take! Those girls are very pretty, poor Holden he really does try!


9:07 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Poor Holden finally got a baby of his own. The nose is unfortunate though. So funny that Chyla got invited out by an adult as a kid. It always feels sort of creepy to try arrange marriages as kids, with adults.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Layla Sims said...

I honestly thought the creepy part was the grown man showing up Downtown with two children who are not related to him. :)

The good news is that Corky finally let her husband have a child with her. (Gosh, what an honor, Holden!) The bad news is, she makes much lovlier looking children with Bob than she does with her husband!! LOL Oh well, them's are the breaks. :oD

3:43 AM  

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