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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Round 3: Hans and Amethyst Schurzenjager

Round 3: Hans and Amethyst Schurzenjager

Last time at the Mr. and Mrs. Hans Schurzenjager house....errrr...???? Nope. No last time to start out with. This is a new lot here. If you will remember, Hans and Amethyst just celebrated graduating from University. There was no room in the Schurzenjager homestead for the happy couple to move home to, because of Han's step-mother's wish to see X number of kids get married. So, Hans and his bride bought a new house. And a fine home it is.

They did of course start right out with a wedding party. They got on the phone and called up a bunch of freinds and relatives to come and witness the nuptials in the sweet little victorian home.

 arch happiness. Well, here are some pics from the rest of the party.

"Come now darling, it is time for some cake!"

"Don't you DARE stuff that into my face!"

"Too late! HAHAHAHA!"

Woah! Looks like Uni graduate (and romance sim) James Jenkins is a late comer to the party. Hmmmm.... since he acutally missed the wedding vows, he figures to have a little fun, so the trip won't be wasted. Who is that he is squeezing?

Ah. Another one of the bride's sisters, Brigid Rosada. Yeah, Brigid has a thang for James. As does another Rosada sister, Danielle. But apparently she doesn't see what is going on here. All the better. Don't want no fightin' 'round here.

Ariana Rosada attempts to impress Hans with her tales of the big city, being in University now and all. Hans says... "Hey, I been there, done that, don't wanna hear it!"

James stops making out with Brigid long enough to have a pillow fight with Hans. He heard this was the happenin' thing to do at weddings. That's what they say in Prosperity Point. So of course, he had to try it.

It wasn't long before Hans and Amethyst settled down in married life, and Amethyst found herself pregnant. Well, isn't that always the next step in a Sim's life? Now there is another step that has been added, and Hans and Amethyst are proud to be the first ones to do it in Fellowship.

Yep, they adopted a pup. Hans got out his tools and built a dog house in the back yard, and put a good fence around it. Don't want the dog peeing all over the place. This little doggie's name is Maxx. It wasn't long before Hans and Maxx were friends. Hans gained entry to Maxx's pack, and Maxx considered Hans to be a pretty good master.

Amethyst really liked the dog too, but didn't spend as much time with him as Hans did. It took longer for her to befriend him.

Erm...maybe it was because he just barely escaped getting sprayed by the skunk one day while playing with Amethyst. Wow, what a trick, Am! Your unborn baby is talking to Maxx! Creepy!

Hedwig Busto came by so often to see Maxx she became a member of Maxx's pack also. I can see it now, Hedwig is gonna want a dog when we visit her house next round.

The day finally came when Amethyst had her babies. Meet natural twins Grishilde and Gregor...keeping with the Swedeish sounding names. A boy and a girl.

Amethyst was a good mother, and hired a maid to help with the housework, and also a nanny.

When Hans wasn't outside working with Maxx, he was inside fulfilling his duties as dad. Way to go, Hans!

Speaking of Maxx. He grew up to be a beautiful collie. He is smart/aggressive, and easy to train. The first thing Hans did when Maxx grew up was take him for a walk. Awww!

Buh-Bye! See you later, tater!

Hm. Maxx needs to get out for more of those walks. He laid in his doggie house so long...errr....hey. Somebody needs to clean the dog pen! Pronto!

Well, the twins finally grew up right after Maxx did. Amethyst got herself a makeover. Nice, huh? The dress looks great on her. Anyhow, here is Gregor. He must take after his mother.

And Grishilde?? Ummmm....heh. Only a face a mother could love. It looks like she has Hans's facial structure. Looks good on him, but I am not so sure about little blue girls. Good thing Sims don't pay attention to looks.

This is where we leave the Schurzenjaers for this round. As far as careers go, Amethyst's LTW is to make $100,000, and has already worked through 2 careers. Hans wants to be a criminal mastermind, and just got the job in criminal on Sunday. So his LTW will wait until next round.

POINTS: Just two. Gregor and Grishilde.


Blogger Bubbs said...

Yeah another wedding!! Look at James there hitting on the women, tsk tsk. I love Maxx, he seems like a good dog. The kids will love him!

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Heather/Simaholic said...

Hey! I adopted Maxx too! He is a pretty good dog. Gregor and Grishilde both got some interesting facial features but Grishilde is a little more on the interesting side.

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your family looks great. The twins are cute, especially with Amethyst's skintone. Don't worry, the kids will probably get better looking when they get to teen or so. That's how my Schurzenjager offspring did it. I have Maxx in one of my hoods, too.

12:21 AM  
Blogger Kim Sims said...

How did Hans have a step-mother? In my Fellowship, he and Heidi lived with their Grandmother Hilda and that was it!

3:32 PM  
Blogger PRMami said...

Wow that sure is a face that hopefully Grishilde will grow into nicely I'm thinking she'll grow into it lol

Great update on to read the next one :)

3:56 PM  
Blogger ASimWen said...

To Kim Sims -
We all know Hans did not have a step-mother. ....He had a step-grandmother. Hilda married Benjamin Long....Benjamin is now Han's step-grandfather. Sandra (Profitt) marries Benjamin, thus, Sandra is now Hans's step grandmother. Sandra Profitt wants to marry off 6 kids. She started an adopting frenzy. See earlier posts under 'Schurzenjager'. Hans and his bride had no where to go. Your question shows you know Fellowship! :)

5:53 PM  
Blogger ruby said...

Absolutely love Amethyst's makeover, lovely dress goes so well with her skin tone. And the twins.. well ... gosh.. um, aren't they precious!
Lovely household update, and I sure do hope their daughter grows up lovely.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Oh no, how did I miss some of your postings andyou even linked to Prosperity Point in this one!?!? *Hangs head in shame* Sorry, and it looks like I've missed a couple others too. At any rate, great update. Yeah, the little girl is rather unfortunate looking. Where did you get Hedwig's hair? It looks really good on her.

8:11 PM  

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