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Prosperity Fellowship is a joint effort by the members of the Prosperity Challenge Yahoo Group. This blog is my rendition of what I do to the families.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Round 4: The Profitts

Round 4: The Profitts

Lot: Profitt - Susan, Andrew, Bob, Otis and Jack

Gah. Here we are beginning Round 4 in Fellowship. Yeah, yeah I know I am not moving along quickly. I can't help it. I am a slow and deliberate player. heh. Coupled with the fact I am also playing Proseprity Falls. Oke fenokies. Let's get started.

The last visit here with The Profitts, Sandra realized she had hit upon a gold mine when she started adopting kids to meet her
LTW of marrying off 6 kids. She met Benjamin Long-Schurzenjager and moved out of the Profitt house, kids in tow to move in with Ben. It was also revealed that Sandra's sister, Susan had taken a swallow of elixir to keep going for one more round so she could realize her LTW of having 6 grandkids and die in plat this round. Really, technically that was the reason.

This round we find Susan reading the paper in the TV room in the Victorian mansion her rich husband Andrew bought for her.

Susan is contemplating the fact there is only herself, Andrew, and her son Bob left in the house. All her grandkids are either in Uni or graduated from Uni and now in their own households. What to do? Hmmmm....big Sims in it of baby bearing age....bored rich old lady...I know! This means a trip to the pet store. Susan decides to buy herself a little lap dog.

Meet Jack. The Jack Russell Terrier is my fav dog breed, so now it is Susan's too. Ahhh the power I have in the Sim World. I hung out here at the pet store for a while hoping to see one of the other residents of Fellowship buy a pet too, but none of them did. Plenty of Townies bought pets though.

The first thing Jack did when he got home was play in the garbage. Of course, that meant an immediate reprimand from Susan. Then he got lots of luvin' from Susan. Dumb dog. I realized Jack needed lots of training.

Errr....that is a neat trick, Jack. Maybe you could use that ability to stick your head out of the bottom of solid objects in your
job in Show Biz. Yup. Being that Susan's husband Andrew is a Fortune Sim, he rolled immediate wants for Jack to get a job in either Show Biz or Security. Susan got him a job in Show Biz. After all, Jack is the cutest doggie in all of Fellowship.

Jack getting a job really turned on Andrew. He found Susan to be the most attractive thang that walks on Sim Earth. Well, you better watch out Susan, Andrew has plans for you!

Susan works with Jack to help in get promoted by training him how to Play Dead. Somehow I think this is a premonition of things to come for Susan. It won't be play acting in the very near future....

Susan is spending loads of time training Jack. Oh looky....Susan's son Bob is playing with a stray dog that wondered into the yard. Well...poor Bob. His main squeeze, Beulah Norwood, passed away last round, now he has time on his hands. I reckon playing with dogs is a ood replacement for taking up his excess time now. hehe

Ah. Now I won't have to worry at all about keeping a main squeeze for Bob. He has promoted to Hall of Famer and he is forever plat. Yay! Looks like he is bothered by something here in this picture though. Ouch. The noodlesoother is about ready to kill him. Get that thang off, Bob!

Andrew has three more skills to get before he can promote to Chief of Staff, and oh MY....Susan just happens to have those skills. She willingly and lovingly gave them to her husband. After all, she is a Family Sim, and family means everything to her. She gave freely! Good girl your husband in all his endeavors. heh. This can only mean one thing....

It was Susan's time to go. Notice..the only resident of the house that is witnessing her passing is her faithful dog Jack. Her husband Andrew was inside admiring himself in the mirror, and her lazy son Bob was sleeping. Somehow I think Susan is better off where ever she is now.

One of the neighbors, Cristian Cooprider, happened by shortly after Susan's passing. Good golly..he doesn't notice the tombstone out there in the middle of the driveway. He notices how badly Jack stinks.

Jack needed a bath. That meant the care and training of Susan's pet now fell on Andrew's shoulders. Andrew has since promoted to Cheif of Staff thanks to the skills he sucked from Susan. At first Andrew was resentful about having to take care of this mutt...but whilst he was bathing the dog, he got a brilliant idea~!

Woah! Looks like Andrew is in cahoots with the cops on some business deal. Wait a minute. Looky at that huge doghouse. Well, it isn't Jack's. Jack gets to sleep in a pet bed in the house that Susan bought for him.

Andrew adopted a beautiful golden retriever named Otis. A girl doggie. lol. Andrew has realized if he can get a whole pack of dogs working, he can amass even more money. Actually, his new
LTW after reaching Chief of Staff is to work 6 pets to the top of their career. So he immediatley got started. He got Otis a job in Security.
At the end of the round both Otis and Jack had all the skills needed to promote to the top. That will come next round, then maybe a couple of more pets will be added to the house.

Bob isn't participating much in taking care of the dogs since Susan died. He wants to get back in the swing of things and get a woman. All of the women he had been dating are busy now. Beulah is dead....Dagmar is married to Channing Norwood, and Corky Corcoran-Todd is married to Holden Todd and no longer needs any babies by him. No one to woo-hoo with. Wah!

Bob gets an invite downtown. Hmmm? Should he go out with a 10 year old girl? Number one, Beulah is dead, and number two, the game shouldn't have done this. This is Nancy Norwood, Beulah's neice. lol I was gonna have Bob answer yes to see what happened, but by the time I brought up my imaging program to get this pic and all...the opportunity had passed. So Bob decides to go to the park Downtown.

Bob meets up with Mary Rainbow, the Townie-I-Don't-Remember making. lol I must have. She is too pretty for a game generated townie. Mary has one bolt for Bob, but she acts like she doesn't know what the heck he is talking about. For the rest of the round the two constantly talked on the phone. *mental note...Mary is a possible future squeeze for Bob.*

Ah. Hans Schurzenjager is giving his dog Maxx a walk around the neighborhood. This gave Bob ideas. Maybe if he started taking a dog for a walk he could meet a hot chick along the way. After all, dogs turn women on.

Here Bob takes Otis out. We will see where this gets him next round.

Sandra Profitt-Schurzenjager really likes her dead sister's dog. thinks once Jack reaches the top of his career, his new owner will be Sandra. LOLOL

Well, that is it for this round.

POINTS: Susan - passed in Plat. LTW and TOC - Andrew - Medical, Bob - Athletic. These guys are now perm plat.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Round 3: James Jenkins

Round 3: James Jenkins

HUH? What you don't see is James Jenkins standing up there in his moniker with a wife and a baby. Yep, I have decided to play James as a single Romance Sim. No moving in more Sims with him! At least that is the plan. I have never done this before, so we'll see.

Now, when James graduated Uni, the first thing he did was buy the old Schurzenjager house from Hans. Well, Hans and Amethyst didn't move into it because it was so small, and Hans knew he wanted a family. Here we go.

James is so freakin' happy about getting his own place, he stuck his head right into the tree on the front lawn. Um, James, please pose in front of the house.

Thank you. Looks good.

Now, at the time James graduated from Uni, he had eighteen friends, 14 of them were best friends. James's LTW is to have 20 loves at once. He gained a couple of loves at Uni. Well, he proceeded to work on getting his loves. By calling everyone in his address book that was old enough to be his lover.

First to be called was Jack McGraw. Love.

Second. Notice the Welcome Wagon is there getting an eye full.

Number three.

Number four.

Number five.

Number six.

Number seven.

Number eight.

Number nine.

Number ten.

Number eleven turned him down for a makeout, but James fell in love anyway.

James's egotistical lover's feelings were a little bruised, so he called for a DATE. He called Number five for a little in house hoochie. He really needed an aspirational pick-me-up.

Apparently James made such a great date, he deserved a very expensive stereo as a thank you gift. It meant nothing to James, and he sold it for cold hard cash. After all, he really didn't want to work that job in Show Biz. If he could help it.

The next day James pays the bills. Yes, he does manage to keep up with every day mundane things.

Number twelve.

Woah! Thanks Danielle!

Number thirteen

Number fourteen.

Number fifteen. They actually had a date.

Date gift. At this point, James realizes he really doesn't have to work and quit his job in Show Biz. He only worked one day.

James meets Alegra the stray dog. Apparently Alegra is really playful and likes James lot. Hm. She (or he?) only came around one night, so James may not get to adopt her or him. They played all night long while James took a break from wooing the neighborhood.

At this point, James is not working and is a few people shy of attaining his 20 loves LTW. So he starts a phone campaign with others in his address book.

He also gets an eyeball full of fellow Romance Sim Ryan Potts walking by. My oh my! They caught each others eyes!

"It's like, ya know, I am the best lover around here."

"Oh yeah? You have lots of lovers?"

"Well, dude, it don't take no wizard's magic to make both the males and females fall in love with me. I am the greatest."

"I have robots in love with me!"

Errr is gettin' deep around here.....Let's retire for the night.

The next day dawns with this hot chick walking down the street. Now wait a minute. Has someone been adding townies to my game when I'm not looking??? *hands on hips, tapping foot* Looky at this girl. She is too well put together to be a game created Sim, and she is made with custom content.

She has a custom skintone, as she has body piercings. (You can't see 'em in the picture). She has custom hair. My all co-ordinates nicely! And you know what....with that multi colored hair and all...her name is Mary Rainbow.

Isn't she cute? I honestly don't know where she came from. The game must have manufactured her...unless she got in some sneaky way. Alas, James was wrapped up takin' a bath and I couldn't get him out to meet her. She was gone with the wind.

James gets called downtown for a date by Number two, and he decides to go. Maybe he can get another date gift.

The have a great date, it was over quickly. After all, at Professor Lawson's advanced age, she couldn't stay awake very long, and made a hasty exit. James decides to cut a little rug with a local townie vampire, and Corky Corcoran. That Sugar Cube Bowling place as a great dance floor too!

Being that he had decided to make his living as a gigilo, James didn't buy any of his own drinks. He deftly "borrowed" every single one he had that night.

Ah. James meets another potential lover. Oohhh James, gonna get yourself a sexy fireman??? This is a brand new relationship, so the consumation of thier love won't happen until next round.

This is where we leave James. Yes, he can cook. :)

Summary: James is only really 4 away from his LTW of 20 loves. One of his lovers did not get pictured. He is currently not working, had $9,500 in the bank due to date gifts and a litte cash he got from working one day in the Show Biz career. I plan to keep him unemployed for as long as possible.