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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Round 3: The Norwoods

Round 3: The Norwoods
Too Bad Yer Dead, But That's OK

Last Visit: Dagmar and Beulah temporarily stopped fighting while Dagmar was pregnant, but the animosity could still be seen. Channing pretty much stayed out of the way of the fighting cats and worked, and cooked for Dagmar. Shasta studied constantly and mooned over Rufus Busto. He did not feel ready to commit. Bruce started going steady with Meadow Thayer, but then Brandi Jenkins came along and turned his head. Maxwell received his first kiss from Michaell Cooprider. And last but not least, natural twins Nancy and Nelson were born to Channing and Dagmar. They grew to toddler at the end of the round, and Bruce left for University.

We open this round with Shasta playing with the fish. She has pretty much given up on Rufus Busto. He is a College Man now, and has no time for high school girls. She hopes to catch the attention of some other boy. Don't know who yet.

Reminton had a fascination with the fish tank Channing bought from Howie Busto's store. Yes, Howie is dead, but his grieving widow has been able to keep it open. Anyway, Remington would come to the house to clean, and would make a beeline for the tank. He had to be 'shooed' away from it constantly. He would clean the thing all day long and leave at 5 pm without doing anything else. hehehe

Dagmar and Beulah have gone back to fighting since Dagmar had her babies Nancy and Nelson. The friction between these two have made this house lots of fun to play. As you can see, Beulah is in her underware. That can mean only one thing. Bob Profitt has been over to service her. See, Beulah is getting close to her Grimmie party, and we want her to have a plat headstone. Dagmar is angry 'cuz Bob used to be her lover too. Before she had kids. Before she married Channing. :) Dagmar has been a good girl, she has been faithful to Channing since she said "I do!"

Ah. Here is the party. It happened early in the round. Shasta can been seen there in the background crying a river of tears. Poor grandma!

Shasta was so disraught she made a run for the energizer, but to my chagrin, she was in green aspiration.

OUCH! Had to make a run for the fridge and the bed before Grim came for HER!

Ah well life goes on. The twins Nancy and Nelso grow up to child. Here is Nelson's birthday picture. Looks like Channing with Dagmar's facial features.

Nancy is the same. Love her full lips. She is going to be beautiful.

Since the twins grew up, it was time to try to get the kids in Private School. Just as BJ Ryan is getting out of the car out front, Abbygale Potts scuttles out of the trash can where she was on a treasure hunt.

Right in the middle of the headmaster scenario, Maxwell got a phone call. It was Michaell Cooprider wanting to go on a date. Since the headmaster visit wasn't going well, Maxwell agreed to leave the house and go. The phone immediatly rang again. It was his brother Bruce calling from University asking Max if he wanted to go downtown for a little fun. HUH??? Three scenarios at once? I couldn't resist. Maxwell agreed. SO....headmaster, a date, and an outing all at once. ;)

As soon as all the kids got out of the taxi in front of Red's 50's Diner, Michaell exclaimed the late hour and left. So no date. Max was left with all college students to hang out with. Not too bad for a high school student.

OH MAN! Guido, who you huggin' like you are lovers???? Hey, just because you didn't bring Heidi with you don't mean you can hug this girl like she is your squeeze or somethin'. (Heidi Schurzenjager has entered University where she and Guido are living together. Gad, I have a Uni update to do. Forgot about that! lol And...that isn't Miles Upton in the pic, it is Maxwell's brother Bruce).

Why, it's Hedwig Busto! Hmm....must be something going on here. I will have to check their relationship status next time I play Fellowship Uni.

Well, Maxwell's outing went well. He arrived back at the house only to find Dagmar the Romance Sim laying the charm on BJ Ryan. Maybe this could be a good thing.

Where the headmaster visit was failing, Dagmar pulled it out of the fire for her and Channing's kids. Kudos to Dagmar!

This calls for a celebration. Ok everyone, gather 'round the kareoke machine!

Oh look, it's Donny and Marie! Father and son Channing and Maxwell croon like sweet songbirds. hehehe

Err...Bob? Beulah's dead. But we will take the date present for the simoleons! Thank you very much and good bye. Don't let the door smack your butt on the way outta here!

And we end the round with Shasta studyin' her butt off aand calling University for her scholarships. Maxwell and Michaell Cooprider are officially an item. He calls out for his scholarships as well. These two will go on to Uni next Uni play. Channing has advanced to Executive Chef (I think) in the Culinary field, and Dagmar has advanced to Freelance Photographer in the Slacker field.

POINTS this round. None. LOL


Blogger Bubbs said...

Great update! Loved the picture of Abbygale right in front of the headmaster!

2:43 PM  
Blogger Alexis said...

Great update. I forgot how good looking Channing is! I really need to get back to Fellowship...

5:39 PM  
Blogger QueenofSimtopia said...

Yea for the update. I am glad the twins turned out so well, with their hot parents it would have been a tragedy if they were ugly.

6:37 PM  
Blogger PRMami said...

Great update!
Abbygale must be one very sloppy kiddo lol

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Norwood- It's scarely when you almost lose sims in an energizer accident. Thank goodness you were able to save Shasta. I love the look on Maxwell's face when he sings, too funny.


6:46 PM  
Anonymous Heather/Simaholic said...

Wow Beluah is gone. She hung on for quite sometime. I hate it when I don't notice a sim is green or has just turned green and I send them to the energizer. I'm glad Shasta made it through okay.

8:53 PM  

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