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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Round 3: The Coopriders

Round 3: The Coopriders
Two Dead, One Seed Planted

The last visit to the Cooprider house saw Kricket age to teen, and Scot and Celeste's son Cristian aged to toddler, then to child. Donatella Roma and Risto had multiple dream dates, which meant Donatella left Risto some pretty nice date presents. Risto and Donatella left for Uni. Layce had wierd dreams about Marisa Bendett-Upton, and Siba took great love in caring for the infant Cristian. Celeste and Scot advanced in their job. Kricket meets Jacquan Kirkendall out front of the house for a nice chat about death and

This round opens with college man Jacquan Kirkendall tickleing Kricket in front of the house. She has constant wants to see him and talk to him. Hm. Sounds like a match to me!

Siba gets down with the brothers, dons her sunglassas, and does some mean rapping at the kareoke machine. Since Cristian is grown to child now, there is no more baby cuddling for her to do.

Ah, but it wasn't long into the week before her chance with Grim arrived. Whilst she was outside admiring a new guitar that was just bought to put her into platinum, Grim came over. Layce was already on the phone talking about her sister's trip.

Heh. Siba and the Platinum Guitar.

Well, death is never easy in the Sim World, but it is often very profitable. :) Siba's death brought the family over ยง15,000 in income. It was very needed. Even though the Coopriders live in a nice three story home, they were cash poor. Especially since much shopping was done to keep Siba in plat. Most of that was sold back.

Now, at the time of Siba's death, here sister Layce was also in Platinum aspiration. I didn't know which sister Grim would take, as they were scheduled to die on the same day. Since Siba was taken, I had to find a way to keep Layce in plat for her pretty headstone. My first thought? A lover, of course. The only male on her list she was close enough to, to take on as a lover was Jacquet Gilbert. As you can see, she isn't thrilled by my notions.

Layce decides to entertain two men at once in the upstairs parlour. Susan Profitt's husband, former Mr. Big, Andrew came home with Layce that day from work, and she calls Gilbert up for a date. Here you see Andrew playing the piano for Layce and Gilbert so they can dance. But none of this is going well.

Layce decides to shock me and get naked in front of both the men. "Take that, you mean old story writer! You know I want to skill to keep in plat!" Ok, ok Layce, have it your way. Now get dressed before one of the kids sees you doing this. heh.
(Notice the big eyeful Gilbert is getting before she dresses. lol He is liking what he is seeing!)

Well, we really don't have to worry about the kids. They are doin' their own thang. Cristian really likes the kareoke machine....

Kricket has reached the top of her teen career in the athletic field...

And Michaell appears to be sneaking out of the house...? With whom?

Of course. With Maxwell Norwood. Hey, I'd like to know where he got that limo. The last time I looked the Norwoods had a white Chevette.

In the meanwhile, Scot is doing some stargazing. Wow! Two moons! I wonder what this means?

Cristian is making lots of friends. On this day, Bassel Busto comes home on the bus with him. They are good friends now.

Nancy Norwood. Hmmm....friendship points adding up fast.
*Quickly yanks out marriage list and writes down Cristian C + Nancy N*. Yep.

Celeste brags about doing well in her job. Here she is promoted to Detective.

Well, with all that work, Celeste needs time to chill out and strum on the guitar. What is Layce doing? Well...she is fulfilling that all important want for a tenth cleaning point. Yeah. Today is her day. She needs to be in platinum by 6:00 pm.

My goodness, right around 5:45 pm, Layce finds herself mourning Siba's tombstone. Here comes Grim. Buh-Bye Layce.

As you can see, Layce didn't touch as many folks as Siba did. Only one person came out of the house to mourn her death. Her friend (really her niece, but the game doesn't recognize that relationship) Michaell is the only one that came out to cry.

Scot doesn't understand why Michaell is crying.
"Good riddance the old bag is gone..." he says. He thinks back on some memories he has of her.

He remembers the fight in the parlour.

He remembers getting poked in the kitchen.

He remembers fighting beside the dishwasher, and becoming enemies with her.

And all without mussing a hair that time.

Look. Bassel's sister Bria Busto has come to visit. But alas, no one came out to greet the girl. I wonder why?

It is time for Cristian's birthday.
"I want a car, and I want a season ticket to the World Series, and oh yeah... I want to be a jock in college."

Nope, no jock. Cristian rolled...ugh...Romance. But it could be worse. He could have rolled Pleasure. hehehe I didn't check his LTW. I hope it isn't 20 loves or something like that.

I know, I will become a rock star so I can have all the lovers I could ever want! Cristian looks good playing that Platinum Guitar!

*Sigh*. Michaell and Kricket make plans to leave for Uni next Uni play. Michaell's man Maxwell Norwood will be there...and maybe Kricket will meet up with Jacquan Kirkendall. That leaves only Scot, Celeste and Cristian in the house. Hmmm.....Celeste is looking quite she is glowing???? Hmmmm???? ;) I wonder if Scot managed to plant a seed?

And what of the matter of Scot stargazing on this two moon night? Oh look...there is a falling star too~ *sigh*. Nice.

Scot ends the round as a General Practioner in the Medical field. Celeste is a Detective in Law Enforcement.

POINTS this round: NONE. :)


Blogger Bubbs said...

Ok, are they pregnant? We have seen the hints. Great update! Loved seeing my Bustos are out and about. They are a friendly bunch, huh?

2:51 PM  
Blogger Alexis said...

Is Scot trying to get pregnant? Hehe. Great job with this house. Loved the Busto sightings, but why didn't anyone greet the poor Busto girl? She looks like she could use some good friends.

5:45 PM  
Blogger PRMami said...

Me thinks you have a surprise for us with Scot's umm gardening LOL

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cooprider- Siba's grave right next to the guitar almost makes it look like she was a great rock star in life. So sad that no one cared about Layce's death, excpet Michaell of coarse, she's a lovely girl so she cared.


6:50 PM  
Anonymous Heather/Simaholic said...

Oh that's funny that Siba died right next to the guitar. And the shots of Scot watching the stars are great! Nice shots!

9:00 PM  

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