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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Round 3: University

Round 3: University / Update

Ok Ya'll, you have seen this Uni entry before, but parts were omitted. I apparently was not ready to do the Uni update when this original entry was done. Heh. There have been numerous graduations, 15 to be exact, leaving a total of 17 still in. Let's get started, hokay?

The first lot I played was the Hans Schurzenjager/Amethyst Rosada/James Jenkins lot. Amethyst moved in to be closer to Hans. They are an item, and are engaged. The picture you see above is James Jenkins giving first kiss to one of Amethyst's sisters, Danielle.

Jame's graduation picture. He bought a Swiss Chalet from the Schurzenjagers. That house quickly grew to small for them. James proclaims he won't need much room, after all, there will be no family for him, being a Romanc Sim. Maybe James will get a dog.

Han's graduation picture.

And Amethyst's picture.

Here is Amethyst getting a love letter from Hans. Awwwwww. Amethyst and Hans bought a new house right across the street from the Schuzenjager homestead.

Next is Charles Profitt and Hedwig Busto. Yep, Charles got a makeover. He now looks very bohemian. I like it.

Charles' graduation picture.

And here is Hedwig. She got a new doo from SimSisters. She and Charles moved back to the Busto Homestead with Hedwig's step grandmother ex-Vampiress Contessa Brittany.

He and Hedwig have lots of parties because they are both Pop Sims. I wonder if they will have time to party back in Fellowship? They have lots of plans for the future!

Charles reaches a milestone. 10 best friends? Or 20?

Next is Miles Upton/Aquamarine Rosada. Here you see Aqua got a makeover.

Here is her graduation picture. Yes, the pink dress will go. Due to the wonders of SimPE, the mulitcolored hair is now her DNA, and she will pass it on to her daughters.

Here is her fianceé Miles Upton sporting his cowboy hat and a suit from Glamour Life. I think I like the combination. Miles and Aquamarine have moved into the Upton Homestead with Marisa Bendett-Upton, and her children Jupiter and Ocean. Being that both Miles and Aqua are family sims, I think Jupiter and Ocean will have to make a hasty exit to make room for all the new younguns Miles and Aqua will bring into the world.

Next is Esmond Kirkendall. Here is his graduation picture.

Here he is falling in 'make out' love with his vampire girlfriend, Brittany Jayaplan.

Yep, it is love and engagement. She still hasn't bitten him. I wonder when that will happen.

And here she leaves him a present. I don't remember what it was. Esmond and Brittany will live on the old Kirkendall lot, the same one where Esmond struggled as a teen to raise his siblings. He has had the house razed, and will build a new one. After all, he needs a place to put Brittany's coffin.

Romance Sim Ryan Potts is next. Not much here, he moved back home to mamma's, back to the Potts house with Alexandra and her husband Adrian. Ryan doesn't need much room, just a bedroom please. Thank you. No marriage for him, although Brigid Rosada will give him a bastard. lol I want a gene mix there. Or maybe both Rosada twins will birth his babe. They are both in love with him.

Here he is smooching Brigid Rosada. I'll bet this leads you to think the other Rosada girls are now in Uni. You are right. I will have their story in a moment. I believe the Potts and Rosada genes need to be mixed. :)

Next is Bruce Norwood and Brandi Jenkins. Wow, looks like Bruce just inherited some money. This is from the death of Beulah Norwood.

Next is the house of Brandi Jenkins and Bruce Norwood. Here is Brandi's graduation picture.

Here Brandi gets admittance to the Greek House.

Bruce's graduation picture. Bruce and Brandi moved into the Norwood homestead with Bruce's dad Channing and his wife Dagmar, and their twins Nancy and Nelson.

Next was the Donatella Roma/Risto Cooprider house. Here is a pic of Rufus Busto getting the hots for Donatella. Man, I am going to have to be sure to keep those two seperate!

Risto's graduation picture.

Donatella leaving the house she shared with Risto for the final time in University. Risto is already gone. The two moved into the Cooprider mansion with Risto's mother Celeste, her husband Scott, and their son Cristian.

Next is Heidi Schurzenjager. But you see a pic of Guido Roma. This is Guido moving out of the house he rented with Brandi Jenkins and Bruce Norwood. He rented a small house on his own because he was gonna be gettin' a roomate....

First kiss for them both. Heidi and Guido make a good couple.

And of course, engagement. :)

Guido's graduation picture.

Heidi's graduation picture. Guido bought back the old Roma house he lived in as a child. He realizes there is lots of work to do to it.

This is all the grads. Now onto those who are still here to study, and the necomers.

Heh. Michaell Cooprider and Maxwell Norwood were in the same dorm with Esmond Kirkendall.

Michaell was drawn to the chessboard like a moth to a flame. Here she maxes out her logic.

Well, it looks like the Norwoods are still fighters. Maxwell is on the losing end of this fight. He was always wanting to fight everyone in the dorm. Maxwell and Michaell have 6 semesters to go before graduation.

Michael and Craig moved into a large dorm, and hardly see each other. Not even to help with each other's term papers. They are doin' their own thang.

Here is Craig smooching Lilly Potts. Those two have two bolts...but alas...both are Romance Sims. I made a vow not to let any Romance Sims get married this early in this hood. But my heart may take over and let them. We will see.

He is also really likin' this girl. Dunno her name.

Michael isn't showing any interest in anyone. All he wants to do is study and think about simoleons. (Fortune Sim).

Michael is really likin' the wormrat he bought. Hm. Michael and Craig have 5 semesters to go to graduation.

The Rosada Twins, Danielle and Brigid. I did not work on their business wants this play. I will get them back in the hood.

You have already seen both of the Rosada twins. They moved into the big expensive dorm at Academie La Tour and sold off all the furniture to get simoleons. I think they got around $65,000. Then they rented a small house, modestly furnished it, and opened a business. The girls are both Fortune Sims and both have the 'Own 5 Top Level Businesses' want.

It will be tricky, but I think I can do it with the same 5 businesses for them. They are gonna work/live together. Both will have one child out of wedlock to carry on the genes, probably Ryan Pott's kid.

Brigid and Danielle have 5 semesters to go to graduation.

Now onward and upward to the Greek House Spitting Lama.

Next is the Potts Quads, and a couple more. Angel Profitt, one of the kids Sandra Profitt adopted, and Chardé Corcoran. 6 in one house. They had something like $10,000 at their disposal, so they rented an impossibly large house from I downloaded from JennTheSimmerGirl's website. I figured they could start the Greek House. By the time they bought beds and the necessary bare basics, there was no money left. (Notice Angel Profitt grew up in the brown chicken suit LOL)

So out comes the money trees. Anyone who had any aspiration points gave it up so they could eat.

Angel Profitt and Luke Potts pickin' the trees. They are in the kitchen for now.

Here Luke congratulates one his brother on getting into the Greek house. I can't remember who actually made the call and started the charter. But, that meant that the Potts kids were suddenly now very popular. lol

Angel Profitt and Luke Potts getting engaged. Luke is Family, and Angel is Knowledge. They have two bolts. I do remember that! LOL

Now this borders on the line of incest. Lilly and her brother Luke using the communal shower at the same time! Ouch!

With a Greek House full of Family Sims and Popularity Sims, it is no surprise that several of them rolled the want to get a birdcage. Luke Potts here, seems to be the one that likes to spend the most time with Birdie.

The Greek House kids have 6 semester to go before graduation.

Ah. The lot of Rufus Busto and Shasta Norwood. Shasta met Rufus when he was a teen and she, just a child. They seemed to hit it off even then. When Shasta grew to teen she rolled immediate wants to see Rufus. They were a two bolt couple. Who am I to stand in the way of true love?

Rufus grew up to be...errr...not to bad looking? Do you think? I wonder what he and Shasta's kids will look like.

Shasta grew to YA to be quite a beauty. Hey I really like this hair. PeggySims had it temporairily in the free section not too long ago.

She is also a gal of expensive tastes. Her formal is the fur coat from Glamour Life. She donned it to accept Rufus's proposal of marriage. Rufus had 6 semesters to go to graduation, and Shasta has 7.

Next is the Kirkendall siblings along with Kricket Cooprider.

Temperance, Jacquan, Darcy and Kricket rented a handy little two bedroom house. Being the Kirkendall boys had the backpacks stuffed with all the furniture from the old Kirkendall homestead, they had plenty of money to fix the place up with Glamour Life and Pets furniture and wallpapers. It is really nice.

Darcy and his sister Temperance seem to be happy to be at Uni, and really have no one in particular they desire. However, it came about during Darcy's entry to the Greek House, that he has one bolt with Grilledcheese Sim Lydia Potts. He is the only one that has had anything at all in common with her. She also is hard to get to know. Apparently he is the guy with the knack. With a little fooling around with Re-Nu-U-Porta Chug, I can probably get them to two bolt status.

Jacquan and Kricket didn't waste any time. I didn't check their formals before making them change for the engagement picture. Luckily they are decent. I don't seem to be bringing up the ridiculous Santa suits anymore. Getting lots of Glamour Life clothes. They have 7 semesters to go to graduation.

Last but not least, is Carmine Roma and Ariana Rosada. These two did not meet until late in their teen years. I had them down on a list as marriageable partners, and Re-Nu-U-Porta Chug came into play to get them some bolts. Now they get along great. Yes, Carmine got a new groovy hairstyle, and I am really diggin' the clothes Ariana grew up in. Matches her hair and skintone.

Like I was saying Ariana is looking good these days.

Carmine is looking great as well, I was worried about him for a while. *giggle*

OK...I forget which one it was. One of them rolled a want for a bird. I had so much fun with Birdie in the Greek House, these two got one as well. His name is Max. Isn't he gorgeous?
Ariana and Carmine have 7 semesters to go for graduation.

Next up, the Hans and Amethyst home back in Fellowship. But first, a break. I am doing the mini-challenges at The Sims Resource. If you like a challenge that only takes a few hours, and makes you consider things you never have before, take a look. I know I am having a great time.

Until next time!