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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Round 3: The Potts

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Round 3: The Potts

Erm, okey dokey. See how I have Abbygale's name up there on the picture? Well, that is the only printed name you will see in this entry. I go overly excited about working on the blog today, uploaded all my pictures to Photobucket, then realized there is no textual pics. I am not gonna take the time to do that today. *grin* On to the Potts saga.

During the
last visit, Ryan Potts found teen-like and admiration with Brigid Rosada. He then left for Uni. The rest of the Potts kids grew to teen, and Lydia dedicated her life to eating grilled cheese sandwiches. Alexandria found elder townie Adrian Chalmers to marry into her crazy family who brought enough simoleons with him to remodel the house and add a second floor. We ended the visit with Alexandria waddling around with her sixth child in life. Wow Adrian! You still have it where it counts!

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We open today's chapter with teen love. With four teens in the house, it was bound to happen. Here is Romance Sim Logan romancing one of the Profitt adoptees. Hm. Which one is this? Oh man! I have to go back and check out my last
Schurzenjager entry. Just a sec, be right back. Ok. That is Sierra there with Logan. Sierra is a Popularity Sim. It was pretty tough keeping 4 teens in the house they all had to get a significant other. Anyhow, Logan was lookin' for his first kiss, and Sierra was happy to oblidge.

See there in the background? Luke the Family Sim is talkin' to another Profitt adoptee, Knowldege Sim Angel. There wasn't any pics of her in the last Schurzenjager update. I know. Sad.

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Ah. It looks like Lydia has found another Sim who is nice enough to listen to alla her yap about her favorite subject, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. I have decided I like Grilled Cheese Sims. They are easy to keep happy. Lydia was the main contributor for aspiration points when it came to buying energizers and thinking caps for the rest of the Potts kids to study before heading off to Uni. Anyhow, the above Sim is Jonah Jenkins. If you will remember, he was
very nice to his mean sister, Janie Jenkins.

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Oh looky. Alexandria's and Adrian's new little daughter is here. Meet Abbygale. Hey are one tough cookie. I see how you are casually waving hello to your husband after labor and delivery as you make your way to the refidgerator to feed the new baby. You sure are calm and collected!

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EEeee! Looks like Luke and Angel are gettin' the hots for each other! Yeah! Adrian is being a dutiful husband and washing dishes there in the background. Why oh why isn't it like that in real life? Huh?

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Andrian is very attentive to his own brood. Here he is helpin' pretty baby Abbygale grow up to toddler. Red hair. Well, good ol' SimDNA cheat. Adrian is a red head. Looks like Luke is gettin' himself some logic points there. Good for him!

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Things are progressing nicely for Angel and Luke. Look for them to be 'a couple' in Fellowship. Angel is acting appropriately shy and Luke is being a Family Sim gentleman. They have two bolts.

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Abbygale has a bad growing up. Right away she has some problem with her older sister Lilly. Gad, it has been so long since I actually played this lot I can't remember what it was! I find that I am not focusing so much on platinum age transitions. I don't want these Sims to live forever ya know. This is gonna be a big hood.

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Jonah helps Lydia out with her first kiss want. Yes, she did spin that up in her GCS stupor. I am still out on the jury with this coupling. They have zero bolts, but get along really well. I think it is just 'cuz Jonah is so nice, and would really be nice to any Sim. Heh. Lydia must be his charity case. Hey Lydia...looks like yer pullin' a wagon back there...must be alla those grilled cheese sandwiches!

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Awww, here we go. The golden couple of the Potts residence. You go Luke! He smooches up to Angel Profitt for his first kiss.

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Ok. I know all the Sims in this picture are really teeny. But I just had to take it. It is every Potts teen on an in-game date. Yes, I did four dates at once. Just because I could. From left to right: Logan with Sierra Profitt, Lydia with Jonah Jenkins, Luke with Angel Profitt, and Lilly with that townie boy that wears the green and black jersey. I can't recall his name in my game. Doesn't matter, Lilly is going to be single in my game. Darn Romance Sims.

Heh. Even during a date, Lydia talks about grilled cheese sandwiches. Jonah sure is understanding.

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Alexandria has sat Family Sim Luke down for a talk.

Alexandria: Luke, your mother is having another baby. I mean me. I am having another baby.

Luke: Wow mom, errr....that's great. Really.

Alexandria: Luke, you are a Family Sim. That means you will want to have lots of babies. Is Angel up for it?

Luke: Gee mom, I haven't really thought that far into the future.

Alexandria: *sighs* Luke, I am not even a Family Sim, and here I am knocked up again. Why do I need to have seven children? Because your step daddy Adrian is a Family Sim. He has a constant want spin up for babies. Be prepared, my son. You are gonna want kids, kids, kids, and Angel may have a thing or two to say about that.

Luke: Mom, your'e freakin' me out. I am only seventeen years old for pity's sake! I don't wanna hear about babies! (thinks to himself worriedly how thoughts cross his mind about adopting children already at his young age).

Alexandria Luke honey, you need to go to University where you can get the skills to make big piles of Simoleons because you will have a family to support. You won't be able to stop it. As soon as Angel pops out your first kid, you will immediately want to throw her on the mattress and 'try for baby' to attempt get another baby on the way. It is in your Sim wants.

Luke: Mom, with all due respect, your fulla crap.

So much for the Facts of Life talk between Alexandria and Luke.

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Little errr....who is this? Can't recall this little girl's name. *checkin' notes* Darn, I didn't write her name down. Be right back, gotta fire up the game to find out who she is. *five minutes passes* Okey dokey, her name is Sonja. Sonja Potts, number two for Alexandria and Adrian. This time Alexandria isn't waving gaily to Adrian right after giving birth.

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Awww, I think maybe Alexandria isn't too upset about having another child. However, she doesn't want anymore. She secretly has had her tubes tied. Adrian doesn't know about that. Sim babies are so cute!

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Wow, Abbygale is having a discussion with Lydia that doesn't center around grilled cheese sandwiches. See, Logan spun up a want to get a job in the Slacker career field. Erm, but excuse me. If a Sim is a slacker, they wouldn't want to work. At all.

Abbygale is discussing with Lydia how Logan became an Over Achiever. HUH? A slacker that is an over achiever? Yeah, Logan did reach TOC in the teen career field. He got the scholarship for young entrepenures...a Convience Store Clerk. Yeah. Way to go Logan!

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We end this round with that four dates at one time dealy in the front yard. This actually happened the day before all the Potts teens left for Uni. You know what this means... *sigh* I now have 25 Sims in Uni.

POINTS this round: Two new Sims, Abbygale and Sonja - 2 points.


Blogger Bubbs said...

Wow - The Potts and Profitts may be relatives in the near future. :) It looks like you did a great job controlling the teens and their loves.

YOU ARE NUTS!!! FOUR DATES AT ONCE?? WTG!! I won't attempt that many at once. I would constantly hitting the pause button, lol. I love the Facts of Life speech, hehehe.

4:41 PM  
Blogger Jasmine said...

Luke might want to change his aspiration after that talk with his mom... XD
25 sims in college? Pfft! If you can manage four dates at once, then I'm sure you'll manage these crazy teens just fine. Er... yeah. Good luck! :D

4:17 AM  
Blogger Alexis said...

Hehe. I love sim babies! I have plenty of sims in my 'hoods who aren't family sims, but still have multiple children. Great update. I loved the talk Alexandria had with Luke about his family sim wants--very entertaining. And will Adrian find out that his wife secretly had her tubes tied?

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Heather/Simaholic said...

LOL! I loved Alexandria trying to have the "talk" with Luke! That was great! I can't believe you had four dates at once! That makes my head spin just thinking about it! Nice job!

6:30 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Four dates at once, man! I've done 3, now I feel challenged to do 4. I have a problem, it's a sickness really...

2:41 PM  
Blogger QueenofSimtopia said...

You're amazing. Good job with managing such a huge house.

3:25 PM  
Blogger PRMami said...

Wow this update had lots !
Love the last comment about Luke being an overacheiver in the slacker field LMAO

Alexandria secretly had her tubes tied eh? ;)

Loved this one :)

10:19 PM  

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