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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Round 3: The Kirkendalls

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The Kirkendalls: Round 3

Hm. Let's see here. Now what is wrong with the above picture? Oh I know. The Kirkendalls are all YA's. Yep. This is their Uni picture. This entry is about everything that happened leading up to their departure for Uni.

Round 2 found the eldest family member Esmond figuring out a way to scrape a living while still trying to attend high school and keep his grades up high enough so he could get to college. He opened a home venue to bring in a little cash. He left for Uni at the end of the round. Jacquan and Darcy grew to teen, while Temperance tried to gain some skills. Alright. To the present.

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Temperance didn't do a whole lot this round but homework, skilling, and talking on the phone. Here she is getting a nice aspiration hit for a mini-power want of acheiving 5 best friends. (Pop Sim). Still, no young man has come forward to make this beauty his.

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Jacquan has claimed Kricket Cooprider. I had thought Kricket would pair up with Rich and Jenn Yessam's boy Keith, but this is the way the crumbs are falling. These are a two bolt couple. You will see Kricket follow Jacquan to Uni this round. Here they are on their last date. Jacquan has just asked Kricket to go steady with him, and she agreed.

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Skilling, skilling, skilling. Ya know, wearing that light bulb hat isn't the most becoming thing. No wonder no boys have approached Temperance!

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Darcy is a Pop Sim too. Here he is fulfilling the same mini-power want Temperance did. He doesn't look too happy about it.

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Darcy has latched onto Mean Janie Jenkins. She has been mean to everyone except Darcy. They have two bolts. She wouldn't give Keith Yessam the time of day, and he is a Pop Sim like Darcy.

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Darcy did try a job for day. He got fired on his first day working in the culinary field. Oh well. The Kirkendalls are doing pretty well with money since they kept the venue open during the whole round. Darcy was doing it because he spun up the want to try it.

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Oh, what call is Jacquan making? It is Monday morning, after a long week of romancing Kricket Cooprider, and skilling. Temperance left for Uni two days ago on Saturday. Quick Jacquan! Make that call before the school bus comes! After all, you didn't do your homework over the weekend did you?

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Ah. He closed the home business. This could only mean one thing. I pause the game and put all the valuables and pu them in his and Darcy's backpacks to make the trip to Uni. After all, gonna need some cash and stuff to start a home with there.

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This house is no prize. It now sits empty. Will Esmond come back to it after graduating and remodel it? Will his vampire love Brittany Jayapalan be happy here? Will vampire kids roam freely here?

That's all until next round!


Blogger Bubbs said...

It's sad to see their house sitting there empty. It looks run down... :( Yeah! All the teens hooked up with their future mates!

Yeah! Another great update!

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Heather/Simaholic said...

Oh I think Kricket and Jacquan will make a good couple! I look forward to seeing how things go with them! I hope Temperance finds someone soon.

7:45 PM  
Blogger QueenofSimtopia said...

Can't wait for the next round. Temperance will have no trouble finding a guy, she is sooo gorgeous!

10:38 PM  
Blogger Alexis said...

Kricket and Jacquan...they'll have some gorgeous kids! Isn't it funny how a sim will simply refuse to cooperate to a match with one sim, and then be all for it with another sim of the same aspiration as the first? Happened to me with Ken Corcoran and Carmine Roma vs. Jude Yessam. Ken wanted nothing to do with Carmine's advances, but he was all over Jude who isn't interested in him! Go figure. I can't wait to see who Temperance ends up with. She is beautiful.

11:14 PM  

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