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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Round 3: The Schurzenjagers

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Title: The Schurzenjagers, Round 3

Last Visit: Hilda passed away in plat while right in the middle of a dream date with husband Benjamin (Long) Schurzenjager. Hans left for University after earning 4 scholarships, and Heidi grew up to teen. Ben and Heidi move out of the Swiss Chalet to a new house.

Well now. Looky at that family picture. Looks nothing like the base family that this challenge originally started with, does it? Fulla all kinds of kids, and none of the original Schurzenjager family members.If you will remember in the
last entry of this blog, Sandra Profitt proposed to Hilda's widower, Ben Long, and professed to adopt 6 younguns just so she could see 'em get married. She moved out of the Profitt house with her growing brood. So here we go.

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We open the lot with Ben and Heidi peacefully playing slug-a-bug on the front lawn of the new house. In switching over to a new lot, Ben somehow lost his Europen car, his Fiat. Oh so sad. Funds were stretched tight. But that was about to be fixed.

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Suddenly, Sandra Profitt shows up with a bunch of children in tow, (And driving a new Fiat, the same exact model Hilda had bought for Ben) and announced they were movin' in, before the wedding. 'Ol Ben just scratched his head and pointed the way to the upstairs where there were three empty bedrooms. After the kids settled in, Sandra declared the kids had missed the school bus, and piled them ALL into the tiny Fiat and drove them to school.

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Ben left for work, leaving Sandra to her own devices. What an opportunistic So-and-So! The first thing she does is find the telephone in the libarary (which I might add, really needs a female's touch. Ben doesn't know anything about decorating). Who do you think she is calling? Not the Gostbusters! But... *ahem* maybe she should. Anyhow, she called the adoption agency.

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She adopted Andrew, first thing. What a cutie. Actually, he looked like he had just woken from a nap when he got out of the social worker's car. He had on a nightcap. Had to change that right away! No better excuse to use this custom hair for boys I just downloaded the week before.

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The next day she adopts Elsie. Sandra sat that girl right down and explained how she was adopted, and how she planned to adopt more kids. Elsie seemed to think this was ok.

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After being in the house for a couple of days, Sandra and Ben finally decide to get married. Ben, being a Family Sim in a Knowledge Sim's body, really kinda wanted some kids with the Schurzenjager last name. Andrew and Esie are a Profitt! So they commenced with the nuptials right in the dining room of the old house. Poor Sierra is plumb wore out by all the wedding fuss. She could not find one fun thing to do.

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Well, well, well. Who should show up but Celeste Cooprider complaining that Ben had taken a peek-a-boo at her through the telescope! I had never seen the wedding sequence interrupted like this before. All the guests immediately got up to leave! Seems like there is always opportunities for Ben to fight at weddings! If you will recall, he beat up Howie Butso soundly at
his wedding to Hilda. Ben might be a Family Sim at heart, but he also has a mean streak that likes to fight.

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Well I quickly clicked on the wedding arch to start the wedding sequence over again. This time Sierra got a seat right up front beside Sandra's nephew, Charles Profitt who came in from Uni to see the wedding. Hilda is getting a big eye full too. Her grave is right outside the dining room window.

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The wedding finally went off without anymore problems. Sandra receives a big aspiration boost. She quickly leaves the wedding arch and heads for the dessert table.

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Well, the wedding is still going on when 8:15 rolled around, and Hilda finally decides to make an appearance. She did not like Ben getting remarried at all. She manages to scare a couple of people, namely Charles Profitt, Pop Sim. He nearly peed himself.

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The wedding party winds down with a rousing game of "Hit Me!" Sandra is taking time to get reacquainted with her nephew Charles. It is almost an 'unnatural' attraction, if you know what I mean.

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The next day, Sandra's newest addition to the family arrives. Her name is Elise.

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Elsie talking to Elise. Talk about confusing names. At first I thought I had two Sims with the same name.

Well admist all this adopting, the first kids to get adopted while Sandra was still at the Profitt house begin to grow up and have birthdays.

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Sullivan Profitt
Aspiration - Knowledge
LTW - To follow in the footsteps of step dad Ben
and become a Mad Scientist
5 neat, 3 outgoing, 6 active, 4 playful, 6 nice
Zodiac - Cancer

GAD! Who is this???? This is the child that Carmen Patch, Bug Lady gave up for adoption many moons ago. Heh. Not really...this is Sullivan the first child Sandra adopted. Looks like he got Carmen's face. I know! I will keep the fugly genes where they belong and marry him off to a Busto. He will marry Bria Busto, Howie's
first born.

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Sierra Profitt
Aspiration - Popularity
LTW - To Become Mayor
2 neat, 8 outgoing, 2 active, 6 playful, 7 nice.
Zodiac - Libra

Wow, looks like she has the pefect personality for her Aspiration. She will be a pleasure to play. OOPs sorry...didn't get a birthday picture of the third adoptee..Angel. She is the girl in the family pic at the beginning of this post in the poodle skirt.

Angel Profitt
Aspiration - Knowledge
LTW - To Become Chief of Staff
5 neat, 3 outgoing, 7 active, 3 playful, 7 nice
Zodiac - Pices

Yup, she will make a marelous Knowledge Sim. I am having good luck with the dice!

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Somewhere along the line it gets too crowded for Heidi, and she beats it to Uni, where she will meet and fall in love with Guido Roma, Donatella's brother. He is Fortune, Heidi is Family. They will make a good combination.

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And that finishes the Schurzenjagers for this round. Sandra has all the kids she needs to realize her LTW to marry off six kids. Yay! Ben got a nice bonus of $10,000 after building a better mousetrap and is now a Scholar in the Science field. Sandra isn't working, she stays home and takes care of the kids and pays the bills. Hm. I wonder if that is a little boring for her???

POINTS this round: ERM... 3 new Sims - Andrew, Elise and Elsie = 3 pts.


Blogger Bubbs said...

Poor Hilda, watching Ben get married....:( Fighting Ben is hilarious.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Heather/Simaholic said...

Yes, Ben definitely does seem to be a family sim trapped in a knowledge body, lol. Glad he is going to get some kids finally. Elise and Elsie could get confusing. Good luck keeping that straight.

2:24 PM  
Blogger Alexis said...

I love Ben! And yes, Sullivan certainly seems like he is a relative of Carmen Patch! Great update as always, Wen!

7:32 PM  
Blogger Cait said...

I love reading about my Schurzenjagers...even if they are getting overrun by others. :)

Great update!

9:52 AM  
Blogger Layla Sims said...

Wow! That poor Sullivan kid grew up to be frightening! LOL At first I thought you threw in a kid from The Ugly Maid Challenge. Then, I was wondering how did a Busto kid get into this family?! And he was such a cute little boy. Oh well, Sierra more than makes up for it! She's going to be breaking a lot of hearts, that one. :oD

2:09 AM  
Anonymous Derek said...

Sierra is actually really good looking hahaha id sooo tap that hard lol

6:17 PM  

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