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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Round 3: The Jenkinses

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Round 3: The Jenkinses

On the last visit in round 2 to the Jenkins residence, James installed a Pee Tree because the house was gettin' crowded with so many aunts and uncles that his step grandpa Craig was adopting and bringing into the house. Brandi (Ice Princess) grew up to teen, Moira went over the facts of life with Janie, Jordi was adopted by Craig, Jonah the alien grew up to child, and Craig was abducted a second time on the scope. Brandi has since left for Uni right along with James.

This round, just like with the
Bustos, we open the lot with someone standing in the corner heaving great sobs of dispair.

You got it right. Craig was so upset about being abducted a second time he laid newly adopted daughter Jordi on the floor to cry about it. OH HO! What's this I see? Cheesecake on the kitchen counter. Brandi whipped it out for her adoptive dad right before she left for Uni. thinks I see a peice missing out of it. Who? Oh who could have eaten it? I think we know who ate it. Probably couldn't help himself.

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In the meantime, adopted daughter Jordi grows up to toddler. She is a pretty one.

Hm. Does Craig's belly look extra large to you? I think he couldn't stay away from the cheesecake. He has twin aliens on the way. That will give him the number of kids he needs to have to fulfill his LTW to Marry Off Six Kids. Wow, up to six kids already and not even half way through his adult life.

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Labor Day is here. This is something that Moira has seen before. She doesn't look real excited, does she. She has quit rolling the Fortune Sim wants and is just basically waiting to die. She has spent her life in Fellowship helping Craig raise his pack of kids.

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Baby picture. Heh. We have all seen 'em but I never get tired of lookin' at 'em.

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Jordi thinks havin' alien siblings is all right.

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Several times during the week, one or both of the Busto boys came home on the bus with Jonah and Janie. I just can't quit lookin' at 'em. They get along really well with the Jenkins kids.

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Jordi grows up to child. She is a happy child. Despite growing up in the bathroom.

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Awwww...Jonah and Janie like each other a whole lot. I love these autonomous hug pictures.

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OK. I have realized that Janie is really not a very nice person. As soon as she grows up, she farts in Jonah's face. Whereas just that morning she was giving him hugs. Janie grew up Knowledge, with an LTW to Max 7 Skills. She is a mean Knowldege Sim. Like Ben Long. Jonah is so nice he is overlooking his adoptive sister's mean tendacies. He accepts her the way she is.

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Time for Moira's Grim party, which, I might add, took place right in the middle of a headmaster visit. I reckon I wasn't paying attention to her lifebar. It was rough. BJ Ryan might
drink liquid suppers and admit the children into his private school, but a Grim Party really puts a damper on his attitude. Nobody got in. However, the money problems for the Jenkins family was over. Moira was 74 when she passed.

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Lots-o-stuff goin' on during this headmaster visit.

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OK so Janie tries again to get into Private School, and calls Mr. Ryan for a return visit. Already she rolled the Private School want. Even though she is mean. During this visit, Jonah grows up. He rolled Knowledge like Janie, the sister he adores, and has the same LTW of Max 7 Skills. Coy cat.

But, *sigh* I guess Mr. Ryan was harboring memories of the Grim Party and nobody got in again. I have never had so much trouble with headmaster visits.

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Time for the twins to grow up. Janie was doing pretty well keepin' her needs up high enough to energize so she can work on maxing those skills and was around to help the kids. Here she is with Jessup....

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And Judy. Gad, everytime I think of Judy or type it in, I think of Punch and Judy. Erm...where is SimPE? I think I see a name change for Jessup in the future. The two kids definetly do not look alike.

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With alla the excitement that has been goin' on, Craig hits the energizer quite often too. Alexandria Potts has come by to visit, and gets a load of watching Craig power up.

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Yes, Craig did make it to work in the Military field. A couple of times.

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Yay! Now he has advanced enough to get the obstacle course. Well, the Jenkins lot is so small it had to be placed in the front yard overlapping the sidewalk. People just walk around it. I like to keep it out and handy.

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Meet Cara. I don't recall her last name. After Moira passed away, Craig The Family Sim went into depression. Rolled immediate wants to fall in love and get married. Forget about Moira. So I go to his address book, and this townie chick was the only one that he had a high enough relationship with to satisfy those two wants right away. It was sad to watch Craig struggling with his love life like that.

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Cara is a Knowledge Sim with an LTW to become a Criminal Mastermind. It will happen. Also, Craig rolled the good old 10 kids want. Why, that is only 4 more. We end the lot with Cara pregnant, but not showing.

POINTS this round: Moira passes in plat = Platinum headstone. 3 new Sims = Jessup, Judy and Cara.


Blogger Bubbs said...

The twin aliens are cute. Judy looks shy. Yeah - the Busto boys came around! :)

9:03 AM  
Blogger Alexis said...

I love alien kids! Craig moved on quickly, didn't he? That seems to be the norm for the widows and widowers in Prosperity Fellowship. They need those spouses to keep themselves happy!

8:40 PM  
Anonymous Heather/Simaholic said...

What a full house you've got there! Wow! The alien twins are cuties! Judy especially!

12:10 PM  
Blogger Mandie said...

Man that's alot of sims in one house! Good luck with that! Lol. Can't wait to see what happens!

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Bunny said...

OMG Craig looks old to me for some reason nd u need to make a 4 already to all the families

2:55 PM  

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