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Friday, July 28, 2006

Round 3: The Bustos

Round 3: The Bustos

The last visit with the Bustos found Vampiress Contessa Brittany changed into a mortal since she had married Howie and gotten pregnant. It also found Howie turned into a vampire after she lovingly bit him. Brittany gave birth to a daughter, Bria.
Howie also bought his second business, The Corner Shop, and hired Andrea Hogan as the manager. Rufus fell in love with Shasta Norwood, and Hedwig left for Uni.

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This round opens with Brittany standing in the corner of the house heaving great sobs of dispair. Oh my! What in the world is wrong? Ah. Now I remember. Brittany's stud of a husband Howie
died on the Roma lot. Of course. She is sad he is gone. Poor Brittany.

OH let's see...alright. Rufus is a Knowledge Sim. You know how those knowledge types are. Once they roll "PRIVATE SCHOOL" they can't seem to think of anything else.

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So Rufus gets busy and calls the headmaster. It is BJ Ryan. He is usually easy to please in a headmaster visit. It is all worked out. Rufus chats it up with the headmaster on the lawn whilst Brittany, who is so hugely pregnant, sleeps all afternoon. Rufus has no one to cook the headmaster meal. So he gets Marisa Bendett-Upton to do it who happens to be on the lot playing poker at the Busto home venue.

While Rufus is giving the headmaster a tour of the poor looking Busto house, Brittany gets up and bellies up to the supper table. Wow. Marisa fixed the liquid drink meal for the headmaster visit. I envision Rufus's bid for PRIVATE SCHOOL going right out the window. But, it didn't turn out so bad.

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As you can see, due to Rufus's superior communication skills (schmoozing) he got himself and Bria into private school. So, fixing the liquid supper will get you 17 points with BJ RYan. lol

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OH, look at that. Shortly after the headmaster visit, Brittany goes into labor with Howie's kid. If you will remember, Brittany ate cheesecake on the
Roma lot meant for someone else. I knew twins were coming. But then, I was glad about it since Howie is dead.

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GAD!!! Twin boys. Folks, in all the years I have been playing Sims, I have never had twin boys. Always girl/boy, girl/girl. Thanks, Howie! The first one born is Bassel. Yeah. Bassel Busto. Brittany hands him off to Rufus, walks into the kitchen to have number two. (Hey, does that kid look a little strange to you? Look at that nose.)

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The second one is Bates Busto. I figgered those were great sounding names for a Busto.

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Alexandria Pott's husband Adrian (green shirt) and a townie are in the house eating. They are takin' a break from gambling and got to witness the birth of the boys. See how they are talking about it? Brittany is happy her boys are accepted.

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Let's see. Since Howie was gone, that meant that Brittany had to work the businesses, raise her three kids, and work her job in the slacker field. Gad, hard with Howie gone. That night she goes to The Corner Shop to open it for a few hours.
She calls Andrea in to work. Andrea didn't work more than a few minutes when she quit.

Well, Andrea had a thang for Howie. She really liked him, was attracted to him. I guess she didn't wanna work for his widow.

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So poor Pleasure Sim Brittany slaves at the cash register all night and empties the store. Let me say...Brittany was very unhappy about having to work so much. Her aspiration stayed border green/red the whole time.

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Whoops! Time for the twins to grow up a little. WOW...look at Bassel. Ick. Hehehhe, he is a Busto all right. :) I'd know that look anywhere. I was right, he has Howie's nose. He's got one heckuva brow bone goin' there.

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Looks like Bates got the same chin Bria inherited. Plus he got some nose, but his brow is ok. Funny shaped eyes. Brittany isn't too unhappy with her boy's looks. Maybe they remind her of their dad.

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Bassel grown to child. He looks tough. All he needs as a tatoo on his arm.

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Bates looks like he is saying "Doh!" all the time.

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By now, Brittany has gotten smart enough to hire help at the store. This guy had a silver in sales, so she hired him. Things really started looking up. Both of them managed to earn a bronze in cash register. The business worked up to level 7, and Brittany maxed out the wholesale perks. She worked the home venue up to a level 7 as well. That is a big jump from last round. It was only a level two.

Erm, do you notice what I notice in the picture? The vampire is Brittany Jayaplan, Esmond Kirkendall's fiancée. Look at the window. It is daylight. She was in there twice when the sun came up during this round. Makes me wonder what her needs are gonna be like next time I see her. I wonder if she will kick the bucket like Howie did.

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Ah, what a nice big brother you are Rufus. He taught Bria how to study. Oh, I gave Bria a make over. She needed it.

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Here she is conversing with her future husband, Carmen Patch...errr...Sullivan Profitt. Man, he is almost good looking compared to her. I wonder what their kids will look like??? Keep the fugly genes together, I always say.

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Bria is happy she has met her future husband.

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Here is the playground bully getting off the bus.

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The round ends with Rufus beating it to Uni. He is glad to get out of the house.

POINTS this round: 2 New Sims - Bassel and Bates = 2 points


Blogger Bubbs said...

Woo-hoo! Have to love Rufus! Great job on private school with the 'filling' supper, lmao.

I'm sure Bassel's nose is nothing major. Umm, just saw his toddler nose. Um, looks like Howie's genes will be here for awhile. :)GAWD, look at him as a child. He looks mean!

Contessa needs to sell the business. She is not meant to run one...

Bates is actually cute, in a wierd Busto way.

9:34 PM  
Blogger ASimWen said...

Yes, Rufus did a pretty good job giving the headmaster a snow job. lol

Yes, mean looking kid.

NO, No, no..can't sell the businesses. I still need to get Howie's LTW.....

9:37 PM  
Blogger Jasmine said...

Bria and Bassel are two good lookin' kids! (compared to the other Bustos anyway :D). Bassel just has some problems with that evil brow bone of his and Bria is actually pretty cute if you don't notice that jaw and the enormous ears... There's a chance that in a few generations the Bustos wil be (almost) beautiful! :D

4:00 AM  
Blogger QueenofSimtopia said...

If it wasn't for Bria's ears and chin she would be very pretty. Poor Contessa, she is so beautiful, it must be hard raising butt ugly kids and running shops!

2:52 PM  
Blogger Alexis said...

Bassel actually isn't bad looking, especially for a Busto! Compared to his siblings he's actually good looking! *LOL* I can't wait to see what all the kids look like as teens. I love how it is so obvious that they are going to be Bustos even as infants--they have an unmistakable look. I hope Contessa manages to handle the business okay by herself. I'm thinking Howie will be resurrected though...Rufus is headed to college so that phone should be in the household in no time.

8:35 PM  
Blogger ASimWen said...

Yes I have been trying to convince Lynn you know a Busto even as a tiny infant....hehehe They have tht vacant stare in their eyes. LMAO!

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Heather/Simaholic said...

You know apart from that chin Bria doesn't look too bad and Bassel's features are pretty even on him. He doesn't look too weird. LOL! I guess I'm just getting used to the Bustos to think these kids don't look weird.

12:02 PM  
Blogger Layla Sims said...

The Countess is a Pleasure Sim? No wonder she is so depressed! Between having to work all the time & having the sim world's ugliest kids, she's got to be miserable. All I can say is, hide the sharp objects from her & make sure there is a pool ladder any time she's near water, even if it's by a sink! LOL

4:25 AM  

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