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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Round 3: The Profitts

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Round 3: The Profitts


Sandra's Mid-Life Crisis

This entry marks the beginning of round 3. As we visit the Profitts in round 3, Bob has taken his two boys Michael and Craig to school, then takes off for work himself. Susan and her new rich husband Andrew play Tickle Me Elmo out in the driveway after Bob leaves. That left Sandra to her own devices to pull mischief in the nice huge victorian mansion Andrew bought for his new bride.

Sandra finds the Florid Fountian in the entry hallway of the house especially enticing. Heh. I have never seen a playable Sim do this on their own. So I check out Sandra's stats. She only has 3 nice points. No wonder she went around beating everyone up in round one. I decided this was gonna be a Sandra Round.

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It's hard to believe Sandra and Susan are sisters, and that Sandra is a Family Sim at that. Susan is always dutiful to the kids and to the family, and with Sandra, it is always "Hey Yo! Let's fight! You wanna peice of ME?" Heh.

Now, her LTW is to marry off 6 kids. Erm, excuse me, but you are a mean old lady. What man out there will support you and 6 kids??? You are too damn ornerey to be the female head of household let alone nurture six young minds to be productive individuls in Fellowship.

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Well, lookey here. Recently widowed Benjamin Schurzenjager comes to mind. Perhaps he is too blind with grief having
just lost his wifey Hilda last round to notice Sandra's demeanor. Hilda was pretty mean too. Didn't have a nurturing bone in her body. Maybe good 'ol Ben is just a glutton for punishment. Turns out Sandra and Ben have a two bolt attraction.

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That's when Sandra comes up with a big plan. Yeah. Hey, she can stay young forever with this stuff. She keeps it stashed on the roof. Well, she let Susan have a drink.

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See all this? Most of this came out of Andrew's (Mr. Big) pockets. The bust sculpture came out of Sandra's. She bought that at Howie Busto's store. Erm, the store belongs to his wife Contessa Brittany now...
Howie is gone. *tear*. The poker table came from Corky Corcoran's store. Sandra deftly slid all these things into her backpack. Yep, it all fit, every last item, including the hot tub.

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In the mean time, Fortune Sim Michael has made it to the top of his teen career in the medical field. He is an EMT and has earned that nice little scholarship for teen with jobs. Michael is happy to work and earn skills. He was made to be a Fortune Sim.

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Craig the Romance Sim leaves for University... *sigh* another one to put through. He has a crush on Temperance Kirkendall, whom he's never met. He dreams and talks about her constantly. But, because he is a Romance Sim, Craig will not get married unless something really spectacular happens in Uni to change my mind. Yep, he is leaving for Uni in his pj's.

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This can only mean that somebody in the Profitt house has made a phone call. Who, oh who could have done this??? Let's review. Susan's LTW is to have six grandchildren. Hm. Nope. Bob is a Romance Sim and really is happy raising his three boys Charles, Craig and Michael. Oh yeah, he is happy to let Holden Todd-Corcoran raise the two girls he
fathered with Corky. Can't be him. Andrew? Highly unlikely. That leaves the Mean Old Lady.

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Sandra is trying to convince Benjamin that she would make a good mother, and to prove it, she became one. Just like that. If you recall, Benjamin wants a child so badly he stargazes every night hoping to get abducted like Craig Benson-Jenkins. Here she is calling for another child, with Benjamin's hardy approval.

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In the meantime, others in the Profitt house are having a hard time. Who does this mammal belong to? Andrew. Well, didn't mean for that to happen. That is -1 points for the Fellowship Prosperity Scorecard. I dont' wanna let him have lots of aspiration because I don't want him to live a long and fruitful life. I will try to make sure he is red when he grows up to elder. Yeah.

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Here is number two. I just love it when the game chooses some of the custom hairs to make characters. :)

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Hey, looks like Benjamin was easily convinced. He will soon start life with wifey number two.

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Hey looks like Bob is getting in on the takin' care of kids thang. Oh and looky, he is wearing a coach's uniform in the Atheltic Career field. Yay for you Bob! He is moving right along getting plenty of woo-hoo from Beulah Norwood to keep in plat so he can study and move up. Not a Hall of Famer yet, that will come next round.

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Ah. Looks like Angel might have an inside scoop on what her new adoptive mother is really like. Meet adopted child number three. As soon as she got out of the Social Worker's car, she was tellin' me she already knew. Hm. With a name like Angel, I wonder if she has an inside line on info, if you know what I mean. I think we should keep a special eye on Angel.

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Late Sunday night came, and Sandra and her tickets to riches, er, I mean adopted kids, *cough* moved out of the Profitt house. See there, Angel is heading up the line to pile into the waiting taxi. She knows they are moving in with nice Mr. Benjamin and her new soon-to-be step cousin Heidi.

That is where we leave the Profitts for round 3. Also in this round, Andrew lost his job as a Professional Party Guest because he refused to go streaking at a party for an important client. So this was good a time as any to start him on his LTW of becoming Chief of Staff. He is currently a General Practioner. Bob is a Coach in the Athletic career field. Sandra quit her job as a paintball attendant in the elder military job line to woo Benjamin. Susan took one shot of elixir to keep her alive long enough to realize her LTW of 6 grand children want when Bob gets Corky pregnant again this round. Now off to
Prosperity Falls for a few lots. See you there!

POINTS this round: 3 new Sims - Sullivan, Sierra, and Angel = 3 points. -1 point for Social Bunny visit equals a net of 2 points.


Blogger Bubbs said...

WOW! Your hood is really growing large. Can't wait to see your next few Uni rounds, lmao.

1:48 PM  
Blogger SpongebobTanu said...

nice nice, i've been adopting like crazy in my hood too.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Simaholic said...

Wow, trying to marry off six kids ofr Sandra. Good luck!

3:37 PM  
Blogger Alexis said...

Yay! You're going for Sandra's LTW! I love adopting those kiddos.

11:55 PM  
Anonymous gingerrr2908 said...

Nice update and very cute adopted kids!

4:10 AM  
Blogger QueenofSimtopia said...

more adopted kids! I expect that by generation 3 or so you will have more than 100 sims in your neighborhood. Good luck, can't wait to read more in the Falls!

6:11 PM  

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