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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Round: 2 The Profitts

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Title: Round 2: The Profitts

Bob didn't do anything spectacular with his love life, but traded daily dream dates between Corky and Beulah Norwood to keep him in plat so he could skill to get promotions. Ended the round for him as a Superstar in athletics.

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Michael grew up to teen, aspiration Fortune with an LTW of earn $100,000, thank god not 5 top level businesses. Charles reached TOC of his teen career and became an Intern in the political field, and got the Young Entrepanuer scholarship. Being a Fortune Sim, Michael of course rolled an immediate want to get into private school, so he got himself and his brothers in. Don't the Profitt boys look handsome in their uniforms?

Craig the Romance Sim was constantly dragging his tongue around in the dirt wanting a kiss, so finally he invited Michaell Cooprider over, and they had first kiss during a dream date. Charles and Hedwig were having a date at the same time, and had their first kiss as well.

Craig happened to see Temperance Kirkendall walk by one day. She stood in front of the house doing the `buzzing' lips thang waiting for somebody to come say hi to her, but I couldn't get Craig out in time. But he saw her. Even though he never met her, now he talks about her constantly with hearts over his head. I am thinking she is "THE ONE" for him. He is romance, she is popularity. So look for that couple in the future.

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Susan decided to get out of the "Family Sim" doldrums and went looking for a husband. She found Mr. Big II Andrew Cox. With the money he brought into the family, the Profitts bulldozed their shack and bought a beautiful Victorian mansion. My goal is for everyone to eventually live in a Victorian. Andrew is a Professional Party Guest. Charles left for Uni.

And that is where we leave the Profitts for Round 2.

POINTS this round: 1 new Sim Andrew (Mr. Big) Profitt = 1 point.


Blogger Bubbs said...

I love the pic with all 3 boys. Hopfeully Temperance can cure Craig's romantic lifestyle, lol.

1:41 AM  
Blogger PRMami said...

Yay another Mr Big all I'm seeing in my game is the Diva -sigh

In round 2 with this family Sandra got sooo glitchy that I though I was going to lose her I put her in mediate for a couple of days and she got out of it when Bob's new wife gave birth to CCtwins now I 've got 9 sims living in that house LOL

9:59 AM  
Blogger Alexis said...

Great job snagging another Mr. Big! They always help with that money at least. Craig rolled romance in my game too and wants 20 loves. Looking forward to more with the boys.

12:33 PM  
Blogger Simaholic said...

All right! Mr. Big! They always help with that net worth ;o)

11:02 AM  

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