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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Round 2: The Bustos

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Title: Round 2: The Bustos

If you will remember, in Round 1, Howie married Contessa Brittany the Vampire. In effect, what it did was give him immortality, as Brittany immediately bit him. At the time I didn't think much about it, then realized it would keep him alive until he fulfilled his LTW of 5 Top Level Businesses. Great. However, due to his unusual genes, I couldn't help but let him procreate. So his beautiful Countess had to take Vamprocillin from the Matchmaker to become human....raising children and running businesses would take someone that could be around during the day, of course.

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Contessa Brittany must have been hard up if you ask me to marry Howie. He must have it somewhere for her to marry him, give him all her money to start a business with, and to have his kid. Hmmm. I'll leave you thinking about that.

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Speaking of business. Howie's business at the Corner Store (or what ever it is called, I don't remember) is doing so well, he decided to hire an employee. Luckily he found Andrea Hogan, who had enough badge points to be made a manager. Yay. Now Howie can call in and check his business when he isn't there. It is a level 6 by this time. Andrea does a good job.

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Yes, Andrea is good, but is also very expensive to have working at $53 an hour. Howie opened up a home business to cover the costs of Andrea's wages. Here is Rufus playing poker with a guest. The home business is only a level 2 at this time. Speaking of Rufus....

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In Round 1 Shasta Norwood met him one day walking past their house. When I opened the Busto house, Rufus had constant wants to flirt with her as a teen..

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So there you go. Rufus and Shasta Norwood, first kiss. These two will probably marry

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Countess Brittany gave birth to a daughter, Bria. looks like to me that Countess is pretty upset with her daughter's physical make up. What did she expect? Just keep on thinkin' about that hot stud of a man you got there, Brittany... Howie, Howie, HOWIE! In fact, Howie got Couness Brittany pregnant again right before the end of the Sim week. Another Busto spawned in Fellowship....

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Hedwig got a makeover and actually looks pretty good. Err...for the genes she has to work with...poor dear...Hedwig made it to her teen TOC as a Mascot, but then lost the scholarship for college when she lost the job to a bad chance card. Of course she had shared First Kiss with Charles Profitt so she is good for her life mate. Hedwig left for University. Rufus is a Knoweldge Sim and will spend a few more days skilling before he leaves for Uni next round. Countess Brittany has worked up to Convenience Store Clerk in her Slacker Career.

And that is where we leave the Bustos.

POINTS this round = 1 new Sim - Bria = 1 point.


Blogger Bubbs said...

Yeah! The Busto genes shall be around for awhile! I love the look Rufus has. :)

11:23 AM  
Blogger Alexis said...

Hehe, I can't wait to see how long those Busto genes stick around. I hope they stay for quite a while, as it makes them easily identifiable!

12:42 PM  
Blogger Simaholic said...

I don't know it seems like Bria doesn't look too bad. Not as bad as some of Howie's other children have looked. Of course, that could alway sget much worse once she get older but for now seems like not too bad of a toddler.

11:15 AM  
Blogger Layla Sims said...

Wow, bless your nerve for planning on letting the Bustos breed with the nice looking Fellowship Sims. I personally would want them to breed with the Townies & NPC's like Howie is doing (even though the Countess is nice looking). I don't think I'd want the Busto's messing up the other attractive gene pools.

Wow, was that too superficial? LOL

3:57 AM  
Anonymous Bunny said...

Ewwwww!!!! Poor Bria with her super ugly dad and poor Countess why would she even marry him:P

6:26 PM  

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