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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Round 1: TheSchurzenjagers

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Title: Round 1: The Schurzenjagers

Pay no attention to that adult male in the picture. He is Placeholder. I really liked this picture of the Schurzenjagers, so I used it. Now then. It seemed like with a name like Schurzenjager, these folks deserved a special house. Hilda, Hans, and Heidi moved into a nice 'lil Swiss chalet.

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See that little gnome in the front yard? Well, it didn't last long. Howie Busto was in the welcome wagon to greet the Schurzenjagers. He didn't waste time. Didn't even bother talking to anyone first.

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Yep, all gone. Buh-bye. Hilda eventually stole it back on Thursday.

Now then, after moving in the Schurzenjagers only had $54 after buying Heidi a crib. They sold the bookcase, and the wardrobe. But money was still tight. So Hans decided to be the man of the family and went out to try and make some money.

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He thought he would try his hand at poker, where he met his neighbor Marshall Upton. Hans lost $120, so he had to do something else to make some simoleons.

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Hans decided to Be The DJ! Where the money was sure! He earned back enough to have the same amount he came to town with. His DJing sucked so bad, he decided to cheer himself up by getting his picture taken. He spent $10 there, so really , he was in the hole. It seemed making money was gonna fall on Hilda's shoulders. Old woman.

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It just so happened, Benjamin Long was in the welcome wagon too. Looks like a strong attraction to me! All of a sudden, the financial future of the Schurzenjagers didn't look so bad!

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In the mean time, Heidi grew up to be a very pretty and happy little girl.

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The Wedding Day came Sunday afternoon. Hans was the one who had made all the friends, so really, Hilda had no one to ask to come to the party. She just chose the first 3 people on her friends list, which included Howie Busto. Benjamin brought $15,000 with him. With that the family bought a Fiat (very European) a telescope, and a bookcase.

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Everything seemed to be going great! Ben and Hilda gave a very smooth delivery under the wedding arch and said their vows nice and loud. Everyone clapped and cheered. But beneath Howie's theivin' heart, he had other ideas.

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Howie decided to pick on the groom during the wedding party. BAD MISTAKE.

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Ben Long would have none of that at his party! TAKE THAT, BUSTO!

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Howie follows Ben into the kitchen. Before Ben could get a peice of cake, the two start cleaning up the floor with each other.

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Ben came out looking good in front of his new wife. Hilda cheers him on.

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Never under estimate the unassuming Knowldege Sim. Benjamin left the criminal field and got a job as a test subject in Science. His LTW is to be a mad scientist. Hilda got a Senior's job in science.

POINTS this round: One new Sim - Benjamin Long. 1 point.


Blogger Bubbs said...

LOL - Love Howie Busto in his PINK tux fighting.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Alexis said...

The fight with Howie and Benjamin was great! I love Ben Long, so I'm glad he won--Hilda in my game is NOT nice, so I wonder what Ben sees in her?

10:21 PM  
Blogger Simaholic said...

Howie in the pink tux is priceless. Ben Long sure does do his share of fighting too. I wonder what people have against him.

10:34 AM  
Blogger ASimWen said...

Heh. When I start a new 'hood, Benjamin Long is always one of the first Sims I use. I love to play him. I like his Bob Hope Ski Jump nose. :) Yep, Ben Long is a fighter alright.

5:57 PM  
Blogger Claire said...

Why does Ben Long start fights with everyone? I know it was Howie's fault this time but I swear that's all he does.

I love the Swiss cottage look. And a Fiat! Yay!

1:14 AM  
Blogger Layla Sims said...

I am dying to know who the cute blonde guy is who attended the wedding? He's wearing a white tux with aqua lapels. Loving your account of these families, by the way. I just downloaded N010, but as we all know, I am no speed demon when it comes to playing or blogging! LOL

3:45 AM  
Blogger ASimWen said...

Hi Layla...I don't know who that is...I had to surf back here to look. ALas, it has been nearly a year since I played Fellowship. I lost it when I formatted my computer and the fabulous Microsoft File And Transfer Settings Wizard at it up. :( I am glad you a playing it anyway. Good luck!

7:23 AM  

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