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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Round 1: The Romas

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Title: Round 1: The Romas

Onward to anther 'teen raising kids alone' lot. Donatella Roma took lessons from Edsmond Kirkendall's experience to make money. Donatella too put out a poker table, and was rewarded with a start up fee of $22 simoleons for folks wanting to gamble at her place! Wow!

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Awwwww.... isn't that cute. It is a love letter, Donatella got from James. Remember James had a dream date with her. This letter arrived with the first delivery of mail.

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It wasn't hard keepin' Donatella in a good mood. She invited her real love, Risto Cooprider over a coupla times and they started going steady. Didn't get any pics of that. They will get together some in college. Donatella managed to sneak out and gamble some with all these wonderful Sims spending money at her place, enabling her to keep a nanny much of the time.

However, she wasn't getting alot of aspriation points. She was stuck on wanting to get in to private school. So one day she calls for a repairman to come and fix the TV. Arcadia the repairwoman shows up. I am thinking Donatella can influence Arcadia to cook a good meal. I neglected to put out a cook stove. So Arcadia ended up making lunchmeat sandwiches to impress the headmaster. I thought oh well, I have impressed the headmaster with burnt spaghetti before.

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Much to my chagrin, the hardest headmaster to impress shows up. Korey something. He wasn't impressed with Donetalla's topics of conversation, the house wasn't rich enough, she only got 20 points for tour. Of course the lunchmeat sandwiches wasn't impressive. The clock ticker got down to 1 minute, and Donatella only had 87 points. Out of desparation she tried the "Schmooze About Money" option. WOW!!!!! The score zipped from 87 to 111 points!!! She got 24 points for that, and she and her brothers got into private school.

Oh here are some growng up pictures.

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Ok. Esmond had told Donatella about how his gambling rates went down when his little brothers grew up. Donatella was ready for that. She checked it out. $22 was now too expensive. But hey, she could still get $14 for people to gamble at her house. That was the same as Esmond's starting price. So, Donatella didn't miss out on any sales.

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You would have to know things were going too smoothly for Donatella not to get any complaints. Finally on Saturday somebody found something to complain about. The sink. lol Also on Saturday, Donatella's brothers got the "Made $5,000" marker....Donatella didn't get it. Isn't that odd. Donatella was doing very well with her business. It got up to a level 3 without her doing much of anything.

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And this is were we leave the Romas. Donatella called out for her scholarships and got SimCity Scholar and the Orphan Fund. Her LTW is to max all skills. She is along way from that, but will eventually make it.

POINTS this round: None


Blogger PRMami said...

Fantastic! Donatella soo wants to get into private school but I didn't oblige her that 1st round ( only 4 sim days) but I will try next time :)

10:31 AM  
Blogger Alexis said...

Wow, I can't believe you managed to get these kids into private school! I had never considered even trying for that with so little money and no adults. Great job!

10:53 PM  
Blogger Claire said...

Private school... I didn't dare try, I might do now though - since you've shown it can be done.

You seem to have had a great start here. I don't think Knowledge Sims get money memories - but since you don't know what the kids are they will get them.

1:51 AM  
Blogger Bubbs said...

Great update! I love Risto and Donatella in my game. They are great together.

12:48 PM  

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