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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Round 1: The Norwoods

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Round 1: The Norwoods

What can I say about this family except THEM'S FIGHTIN' PEOPLE! Yes, the Norwoods provided me with lots of entertainment and drama. I suppose they come from a background of hard farm livin' and are upset about losing their farm. (Refer to Neighborhood and Family story). They gotta take it out on somebody. Looks like I have a Hatfield and McCoy Feud type thing goin' here with a little twist of Romeo and Juliet thrown in. (Well, bein' I live in West Virginia where the Hatfield and McCoys hail from, this doesn't really surprise me.)

Firstly, Bob Profitt calls Channing and asks him on an outing. Don't know where that came from, out of the blue. Channing is game for it, as he is a Pleasure Sim, much to my chagrin. That explains why he has been showing up on every lot I have played so far in this 'hood. As soon as all of the participants in the outing piles out of the car at the park, it hits me. Also getting out of the car is Corky Corkran and Dagmar the mail lady...both are Bob's loves. Hehehe

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Right away, Channing finds out who is hot. Of course, Dagmar, the Romance Sim. Romance and Pleasure get along. Channing puts a flirt hit out on Dagmar...wolf whistle. That set up what was to be along week of rolling in the dust for the Norwoods.

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Here we go. *SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP*.

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The two men bitch slap each other for a while then that was the end of it. Channing gives the accusatory stare to the Player. Yep, it's my fault you just got slapped around.

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So, with the slappin' over, everybody proceeds to get a cuppa java. But on the way over to see the barrista, Dagmar stops to whistle at Channing. LOLOL Bob slaps Dagmar. Notice Bob's Aunt Sandra is getting an eyeball full.

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Another shot. I can't resist. Here you can see Channng's furious bubble for Bob. Whilst no actual fights too place during the outing, well, let's not get too complacent. They came later. In fact, Sandra Profitt is one not to be messed with. She followed Channing home and let him have it.

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When Channing got out of the car at his house, Sandra got out too. She followed him right into the house and poked Channing once, while thinking about Dagmar. I guess she was upset that Channing broke Dagmar and Bob up. Whatta romance wrecker! Channing didn't get a chance to react to the poke before Sandra took it to the floor.

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Channing is such a wuss. I had always thought the elders lost during fights but I guess not.

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Okey dokey. That is the Hatfield and McCoy part of it. Here is the Romeo and Juliet part of it. Wow....Beulah Norwood is a Romance Sim just like Bob. Hard livin' and hard lovin' for the Norwoods. Beulah and Bob have two bolts, if I remember right. Bob is really messin' with Channing's mom to get back at him. Really. Bob did a superb job of keepin' Beulah in a good mood. She was gonna need it.....

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Let us fast forward a coupla days. Channing and Dagmar have many successful dates. She kept him in plat so he could get promotions at work. Yes, Channing got a job the first day as a dishwasher. His LTW is to be a Celebrity Chef. I was surprised during one date...Dagmar rolled "Marry Channing" as a want. What??? Romance Sims NEVER roll a want to marry. I locked that sucker in. Looks like Channing found his soulmate. Anyway, turns out Beulah and Dagmar don't get along. I can't count the number of times they were scrappin' on the floor. I let it go. After all, the Norwoods are fighters. Here is Shasta rootin' for her grandma.

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On Sunday, I allowed Dagmar and Channing to get married. Wow! I had forgotten what a catch Dagmar is. She brough $15,000 with her and was maxed on all skills except logic. Well, her LTW is weak...she wants to be a Professional Party Guest. She got her wish, as she got a job that day as a golf caddy. That same day, Shasta and Maxwell grew up. Shasta rolled Family. Her LTW is to graduate 3 kids from college. Doable. Maxwell rolled Romance, and wants to be a Celebrity Chef. Doable. :)

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The Norwoods take all the cash Dagmar brought into the family and bought a new house, movin' out of the shack I had made for them. How they have prospered all ready! Channing has promoted to Prep Cook, and Dagmar is a Golf Caddy.

Bruce called out for this scholarships and got the SimCity scholarship grant. He has a few skills too but not enough to get any scholarships. That is where we leave the Norwoods.

POINTS this round: 1 new Sim, Dagmar = 1 point.


Blogger PRMami said...

Whoa! There was tons of action here eh? LMAO I really enjoyed this one. I didn't know you could move out the families if you wanted to - something I'll consider when I open up Fellowship tommorrow :)

10:20 AM  
Blogger Alexis said...

Wow, that's a lot of action happening there! Hehe, interesting that Channing ended up with Dagmar, who started the whole rivalry between Channing and Bob (who is dating Channing's mother). Sounds like a soap opera to me!

10:46 PM  
Blogger Claire said...

Don't mess with a family Sims relative - or Sandra Profitt will come and get you. Channing is such a wuss.

Talk about problems - Dagmar and Belulah in the same house.

(Also loved Sandra getting stabbed in the eye - lol)

1:47 AM  
Blogger Bubbs said...

OMG - loved the fight club update!

12:45 PM  

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