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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Round 1: The Kirkendalls

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Title: Round 1: The Kirkendalls

Gawd...who rolled all these families with nothing but teens takin' care of kids? My main problem has been how to get the kids into a good home and still keep money comin' in, and the teen not miss any school. Well, I finally figgered it out. Look at this.

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Yep, you see a poker table. Esmond built a simple house, with just enough beds for everbody and a bathroom. He built an outside bathroom for his gamblers. He has had $14 pouring per player pouring into his coffers since Monday morning when I opened the lot. What is it? Every Sim hour the entry fee per Sim is added? Oh well, it made for a nice tidy bundle so Esmond could keep a nanny for the toddlers Jacquan and Darcy. Since OFB came out, money seems is longer an issue. 'Course we hardened Simmers (without using cheats) know how to get around that anyway. This just makes it easier.

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Here you see Rich Yessam enjoying a slice of pizza. Still has no middle. If you will recall, Rich was constantly losing his middle on his own lot. He came sashaying over to Esmond's to gamble whilst in the same condition. I find it hilarious.

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At any rate, due to the nanny being there almost 24/7 during Monday and Tuesday, and most of the day Wednesday Esmond was well rested and found time to help Temperance learn how to study. But the toddlers didn't learn any of their skills like potty training. But more's the better. Low aspiration means a a shorter life span. :)

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Now something happened here when the toddlers grew up on Wednesday. All of a sudden all the gamblers left the lot who were spending lots of money. I couldn't figure it out.

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People would come by and consider coming onto the lot, but would walk away without spending money. Esmond would try the sales pitch, but to no avail. Three days went by before I figured it out. All of a sudden, $14 was too expensive. ??? On Saturday, Esmond reset the price to $7, which was now Average. I don't know what caused this. It seemed to be triggered by the toddlers having a birthday. The gamblers returned. Esmond's business eventually became a level 1.

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Temperance grew up while playing chess outside next to the gamblers. Temperance's aspiration is Popularity, and her LTW is to become a Hall of Famer. Thank got it isn't to have 20 Best Friends. I was gettin' ready for the onslaught of complaints, but nothing happened there.

So that's were we leave the Kirkendalls. Esmond called out for his the SimCity Scholar grant and the Orphan Fund grant. Didn't get any skills except maybe some cooking. Don't remember.

POINTS this round: None.


Blogger PRMami said...

I totally forgot the business part of OFB what a good tip , I may end up doing something similiar myself when I get to another lot that really needs money - to bad I didn't think of it with the other orphaned families last week :)

10:26 AM  
Blogger Alexis said...

Good idea on keeping the money coming in! I have Romas and Rosadas coming up, so I think I'll think I'll try that out. Love the caption on Marshall in the last picture :-)

10:42 PM  
Blogger Claire said...

I noticed that having kids on the lot means that the entrance price has to be lower. Maybe they don't want to gamble around young children...

This was a great start and congrats on using OFB in such a ingenious way.

1:42 AM  
Blogger Bubbs said...

Great update! I didn't think about the home business part to keep money coming in. Can't wait to see more.

12:41 PM  

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