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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Round 4: Busto

Round 4: Busto

The last visit opened with Countess Brittany crying a river of tears because her one and only Howie Busto had died, leaving her two businesses, a child named Bria, and pregnant with twins. Howie's grandson Rufus charmed his way into Private School, Bria met her future husband Sullivan Profitt. And....Countess Brittany was extremely unhappy.

This round opens with Hedwig bringing the Countess a present. Hedwig graduated from University and returned to her childhood home with her fiancee Charles Profitt in tow. Oh but what is this present? Hopefully something that can help bring the Countess out of her misery.

Ah. Apparently Hedwig got a job in the Paranormal field and gave the Countess the Reaper Phone. Hopefully Countess Brittany will be able to bring back her beloved Howie from the dead, so he will be able to take over the family business of the Corner Shop and run it like he had before.

Finally after much thought, she decides to make the call. Heh. Now we all know the Bustos are not perfect people. I just love the Reaper Phone. When asked how much she was going to pay to bring back Howie, Brittany nervously whispered: "Ten Thousand Simoleons." Grim thought she said "Two Thousand Simoleons". Well. Let's just say Grim did not put his all into the transaction that he could have.

As soon as Brittany completed her conversation with Grim, she knew she had made a mistake.

Whhooooo BOY! Did he stink BAD.

Countess Brittany decided to try and make a go of things. After all, he was her Howie. She decided to try and get him caught up on the family news since a haitus with Grim.

Howie turned the conversation toward himself by crying and weeping about the fact he was now a Zombie. A Vampire Zombie. Brittany had her man back. Yes she did.

She gently began to tell Howie about the twin boys she had after his death. Bassel and Bates. Howie seemed impatient.

He told her under no uncertain terms he didn't care about the boys, and for that matter didn't care about her either. In fact, he was repulsed by her. Brittany was very sad and upset.

Oh what is this? Howie is making a phone call. Yes, he sold off the Corner Shop, and got $62,000 Simoleons for it. He had no intentions of going to work every day and working like a dog.

In fact, he was gonna play poker all day with the boys. Yeah that's it. Poker. He would gamble and make money that way. But there is one thing he forgot about. He was a Vampire and could not sit out in the sun. He made a run for the house...but ALAS! There was no coffin for him to sleep in! The next best thing! The bathroom! Yeah, yeah..that was a nice solid room with little teeny windows to let in only a sliver of daylight.

Buh-Bye Howie! For the second time! See, Howie had an addiction to poker...gambling. He died on the Roma lot waiting for his turn to play. He died here sitting so long playing the sun killed him. So much for Howie.

Countess Brittany checks in...yes...thank goodness..he is dead. She can get on with life now! For sure. She has plans, oh yes. She has plans. The first thing she did was close the home poker venue. Gambling will never kill a member of her family again!

Well, life goes on. It was time for Howie's oldest child, and only daughter to grow up.

Bria Busto
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: To Become Chief of Staff

Bria grew up with little fanfare, and NOT missing Howie. She grew to Knowlege like her Nephew Rufus. Ouch. Looks like she still has some of that Busto chin/neck action goin' there, and the huge ears. Although, it doesn't look as bad as it did when she was 10 years old.

Now as I was saying earlier, Hedwig Busto returned home with her fiancée, Charles Profitt. Now that all the hoopla about Howie was over, the two could tie the knot and get on with life.

The Countess decided to take some of the money from the sale of Corner Shop and remodel the house. The boys really liked the very expensive TV set she bought them. The kitchen was redone, and all new living furniture was purchased. Altogether, about $20,000 was spent. Now the house was ready for a wedding.


The Bride's Aunt

The Groom's Brother

The Bride's StepGrandmother

College Friend of Bride and Groom

The Bride's Twin Uncles

College Friend of the Bride and Groom

The Bride's Brother

The Groom's Brother

Came Home On The School Bus With One Of The Twins

College Friend of the Bride and Groom

The groom's father, Bob Profitt, couldn't make it to the wedding. Something about walking a dog.

Awww! I just love the wedding arch. Makes things easy.

And here is the stuff-in-the-face cake picture. Heh. As you probably notice, Hedwig is pregnant already. What with the Howie thang goin' on and all..well..just no time to get married first. But there is always time for
Woo-Hoo. The thing about it is, she didn't get pregnant until Wednesday. Yep. Took that long. I was hoping to see their baby as a toddler this round, but it will have to wait.

Charles is excited about the baby. He did this autonomously. The were waiting for the limo to come and get them from the wedding party.

Well, the day after. Yep, Hedwig, your husband did that to you. That big huge pregnant belly. lol How do you like your new remodeled kitchen? Very nice.

It is time to skill. Charles helped to train Bria on the punchin' bag and the teleprompter. That is all the skill rewards that were in the house. Eventually....

Countess Brittany was able to promote up in her job in the Slacker field and she brought home the Hydroponic Garden thing. She was also busy with....

Eh, yeah. She asked the matchmaker for a man. This time, she spared no expense and spoke loud and clear so there would be no mistake. She paid $5,000 for the perfect man to take Howie's place in her life. Who did she get?

Yep, one of the local Counts. Fellowship has two of them. They are a two bolt couple. Brittany realizes she has the man of her dreams.

AwwwwWWW! Vampire love! Oh! Maybe he will bite her and turn her back into a vampire!

Well the day came for Charles and Hedwig's baby to be born. Hedwig had called Amethyst Schurzenjager to come over because she wanted to visit with Maxx, their dog. If you remember *or not* Hedwig really liked their dog. So the Schurzenjagers come over, and Hedwig goes into labor out on the lawn as she goes to greet them.

It was a fine birth in front of the whole neighborhood. Gad. Meet Paris Profitt. Yes, Hedwig took Charles' name. Yeah, yeah, I know the pic states the baby's name is Ciaro. Gimme a break...I labled all the pics at once for the three lots I just played...Schurzenjager, Corcoran, and this one. I get mixed up. That is PARIS in this picture.

Here she is again. See, to prove I know who the baby is, this picture is labled correctly. lol Any faithful reader of Fellowship would be able to tell this kid is a Busto. Look at that vacant stare she has.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity to visit with Maxx, Hedwig handed off Paris to Countess Brittany who took her inside to feed her. Oh what is this? Maxx starts growling at Howie's tombstone. Heh. The dog knows what kind of guy Howie was.

Hedwig and Maxx get in a good visit after all.

Maxx doesn't score any points with Bassel as he tried to tear up his homework. Bassel scolded him for that.

Bassel Busto
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: To Become A Criminal Mastermind

Bates Busto
Aspiration: Romance
LTW: To Become A Hall Of Famer

Shortly after Paris was born, the twins grew up. Not bad looking, eh? For a Busto, I mean.

Well, Bria has about as many skill points as she could get. She ended up with 5 scholarships. Not bad. Here she leaves for Uni where she will join her future husband, Sullivan Profitt.

Let's get this thang wrapped up. Here is another look at Paris. Definetly a Busto.

Charles checks his look in the mirror. He has a baby face even as an adult. :-)

And this count like to play with kitty cats. lol Just had to take this picture when the twins went downtown to buy their cell phones.


POINTS this round: Charles TOC and LTW: Hall of Famer, perm plat. 1 new Sim, Paris